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Review from de34747
Red Velvet 228 events 75 reviews

Actor's Express presented a superb rendition of this Tony award winning show. I've seen it on Broadway with the original cast so I had very high expectations and everything about this production met, and exceeded those expectations. This is a...continued

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Review from steve
55 events 16 reviews

Acting and singing good, music complex but not memorable (no show stopper and wont be buying soundtrack) story didnt move me although told creatively through lead at 3 different ages (and 3 capable actors)

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Derek H. Bambach
Review from Derek H. Bambach
53 events 6 reviews

Great production - loved the staging, excellent acting, choreography, music. Intense subject matter, very well done. Highly recommend, if you can still get tickets.

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Margie Osheroff
Review from Margie Osheroff
10 events 4 reviews

This production was excellent! The acting, the music, the beautiful and strong voices, a brilliant and emotionally evocative script along with
Impressive direction all combined to create a most heart wrenching and impressive theatrical...continued

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Bob Griffith
Review from Bob Griffith
76 events 2 reviews

Actors were very good. Unfortunately I've seen this show under many other titles. Nothing new here. Move along. :)

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Review from charislb
3 events 2 reviews

Fantastic show - tears and laughter

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Caroline Duffy
Review from Caroline Duffy
7 events 2 reviews

Really powerful show, stacked with powerful vocals.

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Floyd Taylor
Review from Floyd Taylor
5 events 1 review

Absolutely wonderful. Perfect casting. Actors sang beautifully. Meaningful storyline

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Vivian Friend
Review from Vivian Friend
4 events 1 review

Saw this the week before the 15th and give it 5 stars. It was compelling as well as being beautifully presented and performed. I was still thinking about the themes that were presented a week after l saw it with a friend. She and l spent the...continued

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Elisabet Ellis
Review from Elisabet Ellis
0 events 1 review

The actors were amazing and I was so impressed with the way the story was told. It was an incredible show!

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Chanda Williams
Review from Chanda Williams
5 events 1 review

This show was amazing. The talent, the story, the music, everything. We were blown away--smiling the whole time through tears!

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