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Review from de34747
Red Velvet 211 events 74 reviews

Well done. A small piece of little known history that was beautifully executed. The acting was superb and those accents! Wow, a feat in itself to capture that very specific Geordie accent. It was so well done in fact, that it felt as though we...continued

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Review from mseigler
134 events 84 reviews

Excellent play. Well written and well acted. One of the best plays of the year.

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David Smith
Review from David Smith
89 events 28 reviews

Beautifully written play that was directed and performed skillfully.

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Ed Koffsky
Review from Ed Koffsky
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I was disappointed because it’s difficult to hear the actors due to our location on the edge of the aisle. I almost wish that subtitles were available.

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Roberta Sherrill
Review from Roberta Sherrill
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Absolutely loved it! Thank you!

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