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Schwartz Center for Performing Arts - Theater Lab
1700 North Decatur Road Atlanta, GA 30322
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Anton Chekhov stared at humanity with a physician’s eye and wrote mesmerizing tales of daily life and the absurd complexities of human impulse. Original adaptations of the master storyteller’s short fiction into theater and film from Michael Evenden, Lisa Paulsen, and film by Nicholos Surbey and Nikoloz Kevkhishvili.


In the Ravine*_

Based on the short story by Anton Chekhov

Adapted and directed by Michael Evenden_

Why write a story as a story, and why write it as a play? Anton Chekhov’s genius was founded on an overlap between these forms. And, in this experiment, we take one of his great, late stories, “In the Ravine,” and pull it apart into various forms of storytelling—into printed text, whispered storytelling, solo and group narration and more. And—at times—we employ theatrical elements (costumes, props, movement, pantomime, acting—both quiet and intense—and theatrical lighting and sound), all to isolate the various strands of this expansive story and see what it’s made of.


The Joke*

_Based on the short stories Boys and A Joke by Anton Chekhov

Adapted by Nicholas Surbey

Film directed by Nikoloz Kevkhishvili_


Antosha Chekhonte: A Childhood Suite*

_Based on the short stories Grisha, Children, Home, Joy, and Misery by Anton Chekhov

Adapted and directed by Lisa Paulsen_

Welcome to our exploration of Chekhov’s short fiction. The five stories we’ve adapted for “Childhood Suite” are from Chekhov’s early and highly exploratory period, when he was writing as Antosha Chekhonte. Each of the stories gazes at children—sharing glimpses of adulthood in the young children and views childhood within the adults. Because we’re working with his fictional rather than dramatic writing, where much of the dramatic action occurs in thoughts and narration, we’ve chosen to explore various theatrical strategies in our adaptations and staging.

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