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Ruth Levin
Review from Ruth Levin
Red Velvet 46 events 13 reviews

Th Vintage always has such talented performers for their musical theater experiences. In addition to the wonderful music, the dance numbers were enjoyable and more professional than most small theater performances I've attended in many states. ...continued

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Review from Polovoyb@Gmail.Com
27 events 8 reviews

The cast was talented the story was entertaining. I'd recommend it very highly.

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Bernadine Dzierson
Review from Bernadine Dzierson
11 events 7 reviews

This musical was stellar! Each character was casted to perfection....especially Fester, my favorite! The choreography was well done as were the costumes and the set! Great time of year to have the show and I loved it!

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Vicki Robbins
Review from Vicki Robbins
30 events 6 reviews

Loved it! However struggled to hear from Row 5. Music too loud.

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Adrian King
Review from Adrian King
7 events 5 reviews

It was so great, I loved it. Hats off to the cast and crew, all their energy, their spirit of the Addams family. I grew up watching the Addam's family and they would of been proud. I would highly recommend it, truly evening of pure delight.

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Regina Kolbeck
Review from Regina Kolbeck
8 events 5 reviews

The production was great! Such a fun musical!! All the voices were outstanding, creative choreography, and very good use of the small stage area. Made it look much larger than it actually is. The only note I would make is that the microphone on...continued

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Sioux A Wells
Review from Sioux A Wells
8 events 4 reviews

WoW! the singing was so good! what wonderful voices and dancing was spot on. The jokes were funny and the cast worked well together. All in all a great night!

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Jennifer Ledesma
Review from Jennifer Ledesma
4 events 3 reviews

Amazing show!! Well written and funny! The cast did an amazing job! I'm telling everyone I know about this show.

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Teresa Lopez Galeano
Review from Teresa Lopez Galeano
8 events 3 reviews

Wonderful!!! They were all great, but Wednesday was amazing;) don’t miss this play!

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Review from Rick
8 events 2 reviews

Great show, talented cast, totally enjoyed the production!

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Victoria Barriga & Alice Jordan
Review from Victoria Barriga & Alice Jordan
2 events 2 reviews

Hilarious! Fun! Wonderful performances and the singing?-amazing!

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Danielle Lynette
Review from Danielle Lynette
2 events 1 review

Awesome performance all around!

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Kristie Dorsett
Review from Kristie Dorsett
1 event 1 review

Great job!! Uncle Fester was amazing, talented and funny. I really enjoyed it.

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Laurel Rann
Review from Laurel Rann
1 event 1 review

Lots of fun! Wonderful night and great way to expose my 11 year old stepdaughter to arts and culture. She is finding her love for musicals and theater, and seeing the magic that can happen with smaller scale productions. We love The Vintage Theatre!!

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Margaret Wright
Review from Margaret Wright
1 event 1 review

This production was funny, exciting and had a stupendous cast!

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