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Austin Neighborhoods
Meets at Old Capitol Building Ruins 112 E 11th Street Austin, TX 78701
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This scavenger hunts is not a race, and participants are not encouraged to run. The hunts are a test of your wits and your teamwork, not a test of physical fitness. There is a deadline, but most teams get to most questions without having to rush.

Running Time:  Hunting time is almost always two hours for adult hunts. Add another 15 minutes or so at the start for distributing materials and another 15 minutes at the end for scoring and announcing the results.

Prizes: Each member of the winning team will receive a token prize—it’s a sur-prize. It is not a brand-new car or trip to Europe for one reason: the more valuable the prize, the more incentive people have to cheat. And this is not that sort of competition.

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