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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
Red Velvet 1113 events 597 reviews

Great introduction to the amazing food innovation concentrated in one small area. I was inspired by the stories of changing the food industry one small step at a time in the fight to be true. The food was all amazing. We were totally impressed...continued

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Review from Nanette
Red Velvet 66 events 25 reviews

This was a fantastic experience. Our guide, Eve, was phenomenal. A "must" excursion for all interested in experiencing warm hospitality, great nibbles and interesting local history.

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Elene Sayre
Review from Elene Sayre
Red Velvet 53 events 19 reviews

The variety of food was excellent, and well presented with brief histories of the restaurant and the chefs. The pace was just right, and the food so good that I would revisit to sample more in all of the establishments we visited.

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Mary Kaye Thrift
Review from Mary Kaye Thrift
231 events 61 reviews

I found this tour lots of fun and very informative. There was so much information, I could go on it again, and still not retain it all. Bring a pen/notebook. Eat a small breakfast, so you can really enjoy the food choices. The portions were...continued

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Greg Caiazzo
Review from Greg Caiazzo
36 events 34 reviews

A delightful four hour excursion with some wonderful food and delightful experiences. this four block area of North Berkeley is a treasure chest of foo derives and shops. From corned beef to ice cream to chocolate... From soup to pizza.... From...continued

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Frances L
Review from Frances L
57 events 32 reviews

We enjoyed the tour very much. Food samples were superb, and the tour guide (Kerry?) was very nice and proficient and conducted a great tour. We were just very disappointed that we didn't get to visit Chez Panisse! It's such a famous attraction, I...continued

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Review from MiYo
41 events 23 reviews

Rain or shine, it makes for a wonderful morning/afternoon event.
Meet new people with the same interests and you exchange restaurant pros and cons. Hidden food treasures all within 3-4 blocks!

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Review from MiYo
41 events 23 reviews

We have spread the word. Excellent guide and the shops/restaurants visited were so pleasing to our palates. We plan on doing another walk.

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Review from xtoothdr
31 events 22 reviews

Wonderful weather for a tour of exciting area with minimal walking and delicious tastings. Knowledgable guide to disperse local history. Interested business owners willing to share their stories. Ranks right up there with the Mission tour in SF. A...continued

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Michael Weinberger
Review from Michael Weinberger
41 events 21 reviews

This was definitely worth the time! Eve was a great guide and took us to places in Berkeley that I would not have known about otherwise. An afternoon well spent with the right balance of types of places and information from local businesses.

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Kay Englund
Review from Kay Englund
34 events 18 reviews

Great overview of the businesses and their mission. I live in Berkeley and still found it very interesting. I took five friends and they enjoyed it a lot.

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Review from Sherry
38 events 17 reviews

This was a fabulous tour! We went to a variety of places and lovely tastes of everything. Our guide was knowledgable about the food industry and provided a great deal of informaiton. It was wonderful to meet the owners/employees of the various...continued

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Review from Cynthia
73 events 16 reviews

The walking tour was fun, educational and delicious! Lisa is lively, knowledgeable and well connected. We will definitely be doing the other 2 tours that she offers.

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Irene H.
Review from Irene H.
21 events 15 reviews

This is an amazingly informative tour. We were surprised by how much we learned. The food is fabulous and we were stuffed in a good way by the end of the tour. I would recommend this to people new to town and those who have lived in the area for a...continued

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Mary Burkhard
Review from Mary Burkhard
35 events 14 reviews

Delightful day for foodies. Ate, slurped, licked our happy way around a three-square block section of North Berkeley food purveyors...sandwiches, soup, chocolate, gelato, bread, pizza, cheese, coffee, tea, and great information. Lots of standing...continued

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Review from zipadeedoodeb
74 events 13 reviews

interesting and fun, very informative

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Review from myoma
22 events 13 reviews

This was fabulous, you would never find these great Restaurants and all the details about the food they serve on your own. Our tour guide Serena was very knowledgeable and fun and the places we stopped were well prepared for our visits. You will...continued

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Review from kfowler
29 events 12 reviews

This tour was excellent. We had a great time meeting all the people that own/manage each location. The tastes at each stop were very generous and delicious. It was Cal Day, and although Berkeley was very busy our tour guide J managed to get our...continued

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Arline Patten
Review from Arline Patten
17 events 12 reviews

Very enjoyable....the samples were more than adequate, and all were very delicious. Nice narrative background at each 'eatery'....well worth the time

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Review from Kathy
31 events 11 reviews

My daughter and I loved this tour. Serena was a fabulous guide, enthusiastically taking us to wonderful and historical eateries where we tasted (yum!!) and learned about the establishment, its history and general food facts. I highly recommend...continued

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