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Review from James
Red Velvet 195 events 145 reviews

Very weak writing, even weaker performance.

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Review from LIH
337 events 245 reviews

I was with people who were seeing it for the second time. I was sick on their first visit; they wanted to ensure I saw David's presentation. I was engaged and moved by the story and was surprised each time he shared "magic."

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Betty Nudelman
Review from Betty Nudelman
100 events 79 reviews

Terrific performance about personal and historic Japanese issues alongside a lovely slight of hand magicianship

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Review from SLH
99 events 65 reviews

An exploration of a dark time in American civil liberties via an unexpected, magical avenue.

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Lois Y.
Review from Lois Y.
210 events 48 reviews

Very interesting show covering generally unknown history, with cool magic tricks and excellent presentation. The hour flies by. Highly recommended.

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Gary Levine
Review from Gary Levine
56 events 14 reviews

This is a finely crafted performance with excellent historical context, heartfelt personal interludes and magic that is woven into the storyline to keep the audience engaged.

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Thelma Fields
Review from Thelma Fields
17 events 8 reviews

Immersed in magic and memory. Thanks for presenting this work snd thanks for just being here in Berkeley so close to BART.

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Teresa BoggsMoura
Review from Teresa BoggsMoura
4 events 3 reviews

I wanted to learn more about the subject matter, it felt a little disjointed. Almost improvisational, I needed more of a linear structure to the story and possible more info at certain spots in the performance. It felt like it could have used more...continued

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Luke Smith
Review from Luke Smith
1 event 1 review

Part magic show, part storytelling, all delightful. Great show. David has such an engaging and warm presence. You’ll leave with a great appreciation for the art itself and for the struggle. Would highly recommend!

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Tracy Cox
Review from Tracy Cox
8 events 1 review

Really interesting story, well-told and performed!

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Kim Aikawa-Olin
Review from Kim Aikawa-Olin
3 events 1 review

This relatively short, engaging, and educational program was thoroughly enjoyed by my 91 year old mother (who was herself in internment camp during World War II) and I. This part of the story line was particularly poignant to us since my uncle...continued

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Matthew Berghs
Review from Matthew Berghs
1 event 1 review

Very entertaining and great history lesson.

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