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Clifford Young
Review from Clifford Young
Red Velvet 146 events 77 reviews

Disappointed that John Leguizamo didn’t actually perform but his wacky humor was still evident in this show. Overall, good show, and lively, but not up to high standards of John’s previous one man shows.

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George D
Review from George D
Red Velvet 40 events 11 reviews

A great show! Great cast, great songs, lots of humor while still delivering an important message. A few technical issues where it was difficult to hear a couple of actors in a few songs. Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of...continued

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Review from WAYNE
Red Velvet 119 events 7 reviews

We were very disappointed about the whole show from the music to the acting. It wasn't the type of show that we connect with John L. work.

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Deborah LaTorre-Tarran
Review from Deborah LaTorre-Tarran
Red Velvet 20 events 4 reviews

The voices were great. The choreography was amazing! The show was funny and sweet. It was a totally enjoyable night. Really happy I went!

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Review from frugal
62 events 43 reviews

The whole experience was awesome: the singing, the dancing, the acting, and the story line. There was a mix-up or confusion in what the starting actually was, so I got there an hour late. I talked to the manager about the mix-up and tried to...continued

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Dick Hackenberg
Review from Dick Hackenberg
76 events 31 reviews

“Kiss My Aztec” is a zany musical farce about enslaved Aztecs rebelling against 40 years of Spanish rule after the 1520 fall of the Aztec empire that began with Cortez with with songs and dialogue relevant in today's political turmoil. The...continued

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Rosalie Welgreen Benjoseph
Review from Rosalie Welgreen Benjoseph
86 events 27 reviews

I found the play to
Be somewhat disjointed. The
Music and lyrics were entertaining however much of the actual wording was garbled. The cast worked hard but the play itself needs a lot of tightening up.

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Matthew K.
Review from Matthew K.
69 events 26 reviews

Seems like a great idea for a musical that didn't come together in the spectacular way required to make a musical great enough to get buzz. Some laugh-out-loud lyrics, but mostly just so-so. And the music, unfortunately, is not memorable at all.

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Major theater fan
Review from Major theater fan
87 events 21 reviews

I have to admit that the solidity of the structure of this musical exceeded my expectations. I've seen other "new/multicultural" musicals that, in their earnestness to make a point or express a point of view, forgot that a great musical starts...continued

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Edward Kimak
Review from Edward Kimak
19 events 13 reviews

Tremendous energy. Wonderful performances. Talented cast. Great staging. But the material, itself, was thin; it was hard to stay engaged. And the show, frankly, was a little long---fifteen minutes less would have been more.

About the sound. ...continued

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Review from Goldstar
29 events 12 reviews

Great music and dancing.
A creative production.

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Review from xxlorac
18 events 10 reviews

really missing john and his epic one man show wit ... cast tried but just a bit silly ... discussed leaving at intermission but felt we should support the actors. we've seen john at the berkeley rep ... didn't read the entire description (my...continued

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Review from rocketsue
14 events 7 reviews

Compared to previous Leguizamo works this was just mediocre. The performers were good and the costumes were very creative. It was hard to follow the story because they were combining Shakespearean dialogue with hip hop. He’s very irreverent, which...continued

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Berkeley Girl
Review from Berkeley Girl
10 events 7 reviews

Fun, brilliantly done, and politically relevant!

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Review from Yomi
16 events 7 reviews

Left during intermission. Not funny, amateur acting, and cheesy songs. I was so disappointed. Berkeley Rep usually has really good shows.

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Myles Garcia
Review from Myles Garcia
10 events 5 reviews

It was a LOUD show -- in the Book of Mormon vein. Been there; done that.

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Review from porterwill
25 events 5 reviews

the ad I responded to said "Kiss My AZtec" JOHN LEGUIZAMO.

John L was NOT there. he helped write the show, which was kinda amateurish. I am a huge fan, and expected his regular one man show, which is what he always tours. Everyone around us in...continued

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Todd Davies
Review from Todd Davies
94 events 5 reviews

Toe-tapping, tuneful music and a tour de force show that celebrates latinx culture and comically critiques imperialism. This one is a winner!

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Review from Sharon
10 events 4 reviews

Fun, inventive, silly and a great evening.

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Barbara deitch
Review from Barbara deitch
16 events 3 reviews

Horrible !!!

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