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Barry R.
Review from Barry R.
Red Velvet 131 events 89 reviews

Not all of it was understandable even in the 2nd row as Brian kind of veered this way and that way but otherwise well done. Too bad the seats in the Berkeley Marsh are flat hard and not raised row by row!

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Review from Jake
74 events 62 reviews

The show was excellent. I grew up in Oakland in the seventies, so we new about San Leandro's problems with people of color. The play was happy, sad and very personal at times.

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Carol Schaffer
Review from Carol Schaffer
105 events 19 reviews

So glad I finally got to see it! He is very talented, and it's almost unbelievable to hear how bad things were in San Leandro not that long ago. My heart ached for him!

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Review from Michael
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Wendie Silverman-Martin
Review from Wendie Silverman-Martin
34 events 17 reviews

My husband & I attended this event and we both enjoyed the performance. I had seen Brian Copeland on his TV afternoon show but somehow could not connect with him. However, I found his performance monologue sweet and informative about the Black...continued

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Review from katharineosburn
23 events 12 reviews

I have been wanting to see this show for 5 years. It was funny, touching, thoughtful, serious, hilarious. A great look at the human condition. A tour de force. I highly recommend seeing it before it leaves.

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Monica n.
Review from Monica n.
52 events 11 reviews

Brian Copeland's performance was worth going to. It was moving, intelligent,personal,intense,funny and educational obviously about racism but also local history. I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm glad I didn't let this show go by....
I was...continued

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Sandra MacKenzie-cioppa
Review from Sandra MacKenzie-cioppa
22 events 10 reviews

Have been meaning to see this for several years, but had no idea it ends forever in just a few weeks. It was excellent! Mr. Copeland delivers sobering local history with grace and a touch of humor. We can't say enough good things about this one...continued

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Mary Moore Skinner
Review from Mary Moore Skinner
13 events 9 reviews

This production was amazing. I have been waiting for more than a year to be able to see it and finally it has come back to The Marsh. The Marsh itself is an unusual venue, very bare bones, folding chairs but that only adds to the intensity of the...continued

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Review from popcorn
13 events 8 reviews

I bought 10 tickets for us and friends. We all thought this was a wonderful show. I think everyone should see this.

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Thelma Fields
Review from Thelma Fields
17 events 8 reviews

I grew up in San Leandro and Brian's play is especially meaningful to me because the teenager that he mentions in the first part of his play was my sister who tried to oppose her parents about integration. Thrown out she landed on my 21 rear old...continued

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Sewellyn Kaplan
Review from Sewellyn Kaplan
20 events 8 reviews

It should be mandatory to see this solo event! We were a little uncertain at the beginning, as you had to wonder how he was going to fill another 1 1/2 hours with comedy. Then, the piece subtly shifts, and, by the end, you are thinking, "I really...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
28 events 7 reviews

Great one man show. Very enlightening about Northern CA history for this transplant from the deep south.

I never would have heard about this play without Goldstar. Thanks.

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Julie O'keefe
Review from Julie O'keefe
54 events 6 reviews

Best one man show I have ever seen. Presentation and direction
was really well done. I look forward to Brian Copeland's next
show he is working on now.

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Review from Starrrml
13 events 6 reviews

We were pleasantly surprised at how much we LEARNED about racism and prejudice in our local "liberal" area of San Francisco. We went for entertainment, laughed many times, but were also educated about another point of view. Very well done!

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Review from Shirley
17 events 5 reviews

I thought it was wonderful. Such a perfect mixture of drama and comedy. Excellent!

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Review from Zonlie
9 events 5 reviews

Stories of one man's life woven in such a way as to be almost spellbinding. Serious social content tempered with humor. For some, it will bring to mind similar life situations overcome, for others it will be eye-opening to what was and still...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 4 reviews

A heart-felt drama about the ugly truth of growing up with racism in America, and its effects on identity. Well placed one-liners and humorous characterizations of family members, save it from being too heavy. An entertaining and moving reminder...continued

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Review from Beth
30 events 4 reviews

An entertaining and thought-provoking performance. Days later I am still considering and processing the experiences that Brian Copeland shared on stage. An excellent one man show that I would recommend to anyone.

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Richard Meggison
Review from Richard Meggison
28 events 4 reviews

Excellent from beginning to end! He has this great sense of humor and his voice, personality and storytelling ability make Mr. Copeland shine.I bought the book afterwards and am reading it now.

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