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Review from Luz
Red Velvet 31 events 4 reviews

I absolutely LOVED this show! I will definitely be going again! If you thought you knew Robert Townsend based on his movie “The Five Heartbeats”, you’re in for a mind-blowing surprise. There is so much more to Townsend. His repertoire, his body of...continued

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Review from Jake
74 events 62 reviews

The show was very informative ant entertaining. Robert has a very vibrant personality

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Navdeep Jassal
Review from Navdeep Jassal
73 events 29 reviews

Outstanding! Deep and heartfelt. Really great guy doing the right thing. Keep soaring!

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Tammie Traylor
Review from Tammie Traylor
56 events 20 reviews

This was the most wonderful (1) man show, it was truelove interesting. I enjoyed every moment of it. Definitely will tell other friends & family about his performance.

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Dianne Sebastian
Review from Dianne Sebastian
45 events 12 reviews

Wonderful, I was a fan of RT decades ago and he's even better now. A heartfelt wonderful performer, don't miss this.

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Cheryl Williams
Review from Cheryl Williams
30 events 11 reviews

I enjoyed Living the Shuffle and learning about Robert Townsend's life story. I rated it 4 stars versus 5 stars because of the confusion about lining up in the bar area to check in for the event. Few if any people saw the sign taped on the glass...continued

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Darryl Hewitt
Review from Darryl Hewitt
45 events 10 reviews

Fantastic performance. Thanks.

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carmen m
Review from carmen m
54 events 8 reviews

What great acting and so funny! Loved the show.

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Sharon Coleman
Review from Sharon Coleman
65 events 7 reviews

Robert Townsend is amazing and the is a show that you have to see. Please take your family and friends to the show. You will not be disappointed.

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Review from OHarrell
124 events 7 reviews

Wonderful experience.
First time at The Marsh.
What took so long.
Robert OWNED the stage from the moment he entered.
Through to the moment he left.

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Review from Reklaw
30 events 4 reviews

I enjoyed the show, it was very entertaining, and he stayed and greeted people and took pictures at the end. I would definitely recommend it.

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Anthony Tofiga
Review from Anthony Tofiga
27 events 2 reviews

The legendary Robert Townsend gave an amazing performance!

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David Jackson
Review from David Jackson
1 event 1 review

I can on summarize this presentation with one word; AWESTRUCK!

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Amy Jacob
Review from Amy Jacob
12 events 1 review

It was brilliant. I can't believe he is performing at such a small venue. There are only a few performances left. Run don't walk to see it!

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kim settles
Review from kim settles
3 events 1 review

Small venue, arrived 25 minutes early and had my choice of seats. Robert Townsend was entertaining, energetic, and kept the audience completely mesmerized. I laughed out loud at least ten times and left the show smiling.

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Edward Smith
Review from Edward Smith
6 events 1 review

This show was inspiring and heartfelt!
Robert Townsend's journey has been amazing.

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Edward Moore
Review from Edward Moore
1 event 1 review

This was a very interesting and thought provoking show. His messages about being at a crossroad and how to handle it and working through the mud to get to the mountain top were/are excellent.

His story about growing up, his inspirations, his...continued

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Review from Rawls-Shaw
8 events 1 review

Wonderfully talented brother! He displayed all his special awards, opportunities throughout his gifts as an actor & director!! I told all my friends.

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