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F. E.
Review from F. E.
Red Velvet 215 events 132 reviews

Hilarious and moving at the same time. Don is so amazingly talented. These are vignettes rather than a story but just as entertaining. Don't miss!

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Review from hok
Red Velvet 37 events 6 reviews

Amazing performer. His body movements are controlled to extract the most believable projections of the subject he portrays.

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Navdeep Jassal
Review from Navdeep Jassal
72 events 29 reviews

Brilliant! Hilarious! I’ve been watching Don perform over the years and just love him. He truly outdid himself in this show!! Wow oh wow. It’s a must-see!

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Review from Angela
34 events 24 reviews

“That Don Reed Show” starring Mr. Don Reed is an awesome variety of thought provoking skits, creative, hilarious one man stage play. Mr. Reed’s ability to captivate the audience, skillfully includes the audience, at times, during the multiple...continued

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Jeanne Korn
Review from Jeanne Korn
53 events 23 reviews

Don is amazingly talented. This was a showcase for his versatile and physical comedy skills and the endearing characters he created. Very enjoyable.

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Review from Linardo
32 events 17 reviews

This is the 3rd time we’ve been to a Don Reed performance. We brought good friends with us. He is fantastic! Beyond funny- clever, hysterical, compelling & charismatic. Such a superb performer. Why oh why is he not on Broadway?! Oh, perhaps he...continued

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LaTanya Hicks
Review from LaTanya Hicks
30 events 15 reviews

Don is a great showman! I love his shows and look forward to the new ones in the future.

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LaTanya Hicks
Review from LaTanya Hicks
30 events 15 reviews

I always enjoy Don Reed shows! I am recommending to everyone I know they should see this show. Don is just great at his craft!

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Review from watka
46 events 12 reviews

Don is always wonderful - funny, warm, insightful.

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Carmela Della Pia
Review from Carmela Della Pia
34 events 11 reviews

My husband and I always have a great time with Don. His talent is amazing; he can truly transform into an array of characters that have you thinking there is no way this is a “one” man show! Don is also inspirational, his characters are flawed...continued

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KonamiStream Stream
Review from KonamiStream Stream
12 events 8 reviews

Don Reed always provides the laughter we much need in these days and times. Great evening and wonderful venue

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Julia Cullison
Review from Julia Cullison
16 events 8 reviews

Don Reed is amazingly talented, and he's great at engaging an audience. He's funny as all get out and brings some heart into his act as well. Really glad we saw this show!

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Review from KD1234
29 events 7 reviews

New show. Don Reed has a great aptitude for physical comedy, he's laser sharp with political comedy and just plain all around hilarious. I highly recommend it.

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Peggy Holmes
Review from Peggy Holmes
66 events 6 reviews

Laughed a lot

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Mary Ann
Review from Mary Ann
5 events 4 reviews

His improvisation bit, using input from the audience, was very well done, and the best part of his act, and there should be more of it. Some other parts were dated or sexist.

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Review from Moni
18 events 4 reviews

This is the 4th time I attended a Don Reed production at the Marsh. He never disappoints!

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Corinne Mar
Review from Corinne Mar
9 events 3 reviews

A great night, good, clean entertainment.

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Review from Md1313
36 events 3 reviews

Don was great the best one hour and 15 minutes that you can spend. All new material and you have to see Don's take on homelessness very moving and powerful.

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Ami Oakland
Review from Ami Oakland
10 events 3 reviews

He obviously has a lot of dance and body movement training and did a range of amusing and touching presentations, vignettes. He would be totally adept at being on Saturday Night Live.

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Sybil Evans
Review from Sybil Evans
9 events 2 reviews

Don is such a talented person. I've been coming to the Marsh to see him for years now, even saw the him in San Francisco and was not disappointed! The show is worth seeing.

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