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Theatre Buff...To A Shine
Review from Theatre Buff...To A Shine
6 events 2 reviews

Don Reed is a comical wonder! He has the ability to shapeshift into characters that are iconic, transcendant, touching, or just down right bizarre. His insight into his own life and what is taking place around him reflect a keen wit and huge...continued

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Steve Mays
Review from Steve Mays
3 events 2 reviews

Even though we've seen his show several times, Don always adds new skits; his show is different, literally every time. Don is a super funny guy who just exudes wonderful human being. This show is funny, expressive, heart rending, all at the same...continued

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Thomas York
Review from Thomas York
11 events 2 reviews

Great performance. Don is an amazing artist. His impersonations will keep you laughing throughout the whole show. I plan to see it again.

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Toni Hasson
Review from Toni Hasson
10 events 2 reviews

What a well trained and talented artist this man is!!! Thank you ?

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Sonja Sutherland
Review from Sonja Sutherland
2 events 1 review

A very talented man with a good sense of humor and a big heart!
Thank you!

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Nicole Bandy
Review from Nicole Bandy
7 events 1 review

Amazing - both hilarious and deep. The most intelligent and entertaining comedy I've seen in my life!

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niecee marie
Review from niecee marie
9 events 1 review

As always I enjoyed Don Reed's performance. I was in much need of some comedy therapy and he definitely got me out of my funk. I went with a group of girlfriends. We laughed so hard we were crying! A good healthy cry indeed. Worth checking out if...continued

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Review from Queenanisa
1 event 1 review

Don Reed is such a treasure and talent! This show is a blast! I could not stop laughing from one scene to the next. Excellent laugh therapy in these Difficult times!

Anisa Rasheed
Oakland, Calif.

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Review from Sianna
12 events 1 review

Don Reed is that good home and heart kind of humor. Very animated and he did a set where the crowd could participate and he executed it perfectly. His on the spot wit and recall is priceless. He even used one of my audience suggestions! I enjoyed...continued

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Marrian Fujinami
Review from Marrian Fujinami
2 events 1 review

Don Reed is so funny! We throughly enjoyed the show. He made us laugh so much!

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Lori Giersch Brown
Review from Lori Giersch Brown
4 events 1 review

He is amazing the way he moves his body and his voice …which is not what I expected going in - while conveying a quick sketch and may then immediately turn it into something else - the man is a master of improv but much more, he goes deeper…The...continued

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Review from dalyam
13 events 1 review

His best yet!

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Araceli Kopiloff
Review from Araceli Kopiloff
1 event 1 review

How fortunate to see him at a small venue! He is brilliant and hilarious.

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Maya Draudt
Review from Maya Draudt
2 events 1 review

I’m a Don Reed fan. In fact I’ve seen East 14th 4 times because I loved it so much. It really painted a picture for me about his upbringing, in what seemed like organized chaos from the outside. Kipling Hotel was alright for me. That Don Reed...continued

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Harold Jefferson
Review from Harold Jefferson
47 events 1 review

Kind of hard to put this kind of talent and creativity in words. Just absolutely amazing!

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Carol Travis
Review from Carol Travis
7 events 1 review

Loved The Don Reed Show. Also, congrats on East 14th being Broadway bound! Don always gives 100%.
Carol Travis

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Review from Tobymama
10 events 1 review

My husband and another couple saw the first 2 Don Reed shows about growing up in East Oakland. We loved them. He is really talented playing all the different characters and is at his funniest when he exaggerates and makes situations and people as...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Very funny, very political humor at points - Don Reed is very good at what he does and it's all for a noble purpose.

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Carolyn Wetzel
Review from Carolyn Wetzel
19 events 1 review

Very talented man!

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Review from cruzr
5 events 1 review

What a fun show! Laughed out loud several time s and I am a tough critic. His slow motion impressions are hysterical and he tells stories in a way that everyone can relate to. Grab some friends and go see this show!

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