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Victorino Franco
Review from Victorino Franco
Red Velvet 40 events 12 reviews

What an excellent bunch of good and delightful performers to watch and especially listen to.

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
201 events 75 reviews

I thought the idea for this play was excellent, but the actual product was mixed, sometimes falling into cliches and often not accurately representing the religious point of view. The atheist woman got too much time IMHO. Still, I was glad I...continued

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Review from Jerms
101 events 43 reviews

The central character, an atheist, is given many excellent arguments against religion, but they made her so unpleasant that no one would want to listen to her.

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Thomas M.
Review from Thomas M.
137 events 24 reviews

Go see it! Funny and makes you think. Love Annette O’Toole!

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Review from BarryE
33 events 14 reviews

Thought provocative and fast moving.
Lead actress was outstanding compared to the other cast members.I am glad that we paid less using Goldstar otherwise It would have been too high for this work.

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Review from Peggy
34 events 10 reviews

What a fascinating, intellectually stimulating, theatrically satisfying play. Great production with terrific acting across the whole cast. Highly recommended.

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Review from Gail
64 events 10 reviews
Mark W. Frisbie
Review from Mark W. Frisbie
52 events 6 reviews

As a regular church-going Presbyterian for most of my adult life, I am fairly familiar with the Bible. This was a very thoughtful play, in that it addressed some big issues for our age and culture, intelligently and not simplistically. It was...continued

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Review from Suzanne
9 events 5 reviews

Refreshingly original. Made me think.
The Good Book's greatest value is teeing up a conversation about something so politicized - religion and the bible - that meaning and history are nearly lost, buried in bs.

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Nancy E. Hall
Review from Nancy E. Hall
2 events 2 reviews

"The Good Book" was terrific. I went with a certain degree of skepticism because I've been a professoron a seminary faculty for thirty years and in pastoral ministry for a long time, as well. I can't recommend this play more highly -- it's...continued

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Review from tholt
8 events 2 reviews

Well done overall. The actors are obviously well rehearsed and all excellent. There is a lot of physical and vocal choreography where timing is essential, and here the actors impress. The substance is also very intriguing -- essentially what the...continued

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Patricia Cunningham
Review from Patricia Cunningham
8 events 1 review

Love the whole Berkeley Rep experience. The acting was outstanding too!

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Review from Allan
20 events 1 review

Scattered, story-telling unclear, random scenes, chaotic, messaging not on point.

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Eileen Ruby
Review from Eileen Ruby
4 events 1 review

Trying to be profound but two dimensional and sophomoric

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