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Robin Toblin Blumberg
Review from Robin Toblin Blumberg
Red Velvet 127 events 100 reviews

While I admire that three men were able to take three suggestions and make a coherent 70 minute play out of it, it wasn't very funny. There were moments that were funny (particularly the scene about meeting a couple of Inuits), but overall, there...continued

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Dan Potter
Review from Dan Potter
289 events 238 reviews

Improv is not easy to do, especially when poor audience suggestions are given. This group appears to be relatively talented, but would likely be better served by seeking one or two prompts from the audience instead of six. Additionally, with...continued

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Diane Straub
Review from Diane Straub
154 events 63 reviews

I could have done without the warm-up group. Both casts had members made very little contribution. There was no program, so there was no credit given to any of the cast or crew. No names or experience....

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renee young
Review from renee young
149 events 30 reviews

Hi, it was very creative and moreover an insepensive evening out. It is near great places to eat. drinkls were even brought out for free after the show. My husband thought they were great!We have been there before and will go again!

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renee young
Review from renee young
149 events 30 reviews

we had been there before and it had been just fair. we were pleasantly surprised as to how good a job they did int their improvising.

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Carol Maier
Review from Carol Maier
87 events 29 reviews

Very funny. The cast was very creative - I would go again.

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Review from foundingfather
63 events 27 reviews

Very talented improve actors and singers. They take audience suggestions and in the first hour create a musical on the spot. Then a short break and the next group comes out and takes 6 places and turns them into a play immediately. Very clever...continued

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Review from foundingfather
63 events 27 reviews

When I went last year there were fewer than two dozen of us in the audience, this time there was close to a hundred. So word is getting out about this talented group of improve players. They started by asking the audience for six location and...continued

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Jazzy J
Review from Jazzy J
37 events 26 reviews

Very entertaining. All were clever and did well. Liked the location because of accessible parking and nice to have it in Bethesda. 1 1/2 hours is just about the right length, any longer without intermission wouldn't work. Our troupe included 2...continued

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Review from aclaire
31 events 20 reviews

fun times.

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Review from JAG
39 events 20 reviews

Lots of fun. A pleasure to watch such talent -- and for such a reasonable price, convenient location, and great seats (no matter where you sit).

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Alice Linden
Review from Alice Linden
45 events 19 reviews

I’m a huge fan of Precipice Improv Theater. Their most recent show offered two of the funniest scenes I’ve seen on stage in months—and that includes comparisons to several of DC’s finest theater companies.

In the first scene, a plumber (who...continued

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Zara Karabekian
Review from Zara Karabekian
26 events 18 reviews

I would be interested to go see another show just to find out how different it would be from the one we saw last Saturday

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bill ball
Review from bill ball
49 events 15 reviews

We really enjoyed the performance and would recommend it to other GoldStar members!

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Wendy F.
Review from Wendy F.
19 events 11 reviews

I liked it, and it was funny in parts, but slow moving. Thought it would be better if it was shorter skits, and faster paced. More like "who's line is it anyways"

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Review from yanfam5
44 events 10 reviews

Precipice performs free-form improv by mostly inexperienced players based on suggestions form the audience. There were some inspired moments, and the group did well to bring the performance piece to a satisfying conclusion. It was worth the very...continued

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Review from Lorin
30 events 10 reviews

The actors took two suggestions of unrelated non-geographic locations (comic book convention and speakeasy) from the audience and turned them into a 1 1/4 hour play that was consistently entertaining and often very funny. From an improv...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 10 reviews

With improv, it's often about the suggestions that the audience throws out. They take the first two suggestions of two locations, and I wasn't thrilled with what was suggested, but the actors handled the topics well; there really were some funny...continued

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Discriminating Theatre-Goer
Review from Discriminating Theatre-Goer
16 events 8 reviews

I'm being a little generous with the stars because I like the idea of what they are doing, and because the tickets are very reasonable. The 3 people got off to a very slow start with almost no laughs for the first 20 minutes. Also, the theatre...continued

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Crystal Carlson
Review from Crystal Carlson
10 events 7 reviews

I have been to Improv Theatres before so I was expecting to participate in how the whole play unfolded. As it was, the crowd only got to choose two non-geographical locations. The actors did what they could with our choices (which was quite...continued

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