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Review from SS
101 events 88 reviews

Lots to chew and wrap our heads around. Brilliant acting by all and kudos to the son. The storyline was provocative and forced us to look within and at our own complicity. A must see for all those on the diversity journey no matter where you are...continued

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Review from JulieB
68 events 30 reviews

Thought provoking and powerful. The actors all did a great job. Characters were very believable and well developed.

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Theatre Lover
Review from Theatre Lover
18 events 8 reviews

Riveting play that raises important issues with just the right amount of humour for them to not be exceedingly scathing. Admissions is thoroughly entertaining, and will definitely make you wonder about the lines between right and wrong.

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Review from GDH
28 events 7 reviews

Possibly the best show in Boston so far this season! The writing, acting, and staging are all excellent. This play raises so many relevant questions, and does so in a manner that will challenge your assumptions in some unpredictable ways. All...continued

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Review from hrg
18 events 6 reviews

We loved the production.
It made you take a hard look at yourself. Very meaningful, and the whole cast was wonderful!

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Adrianne Sternthal
Review from Adrianne Sternthal
15 events 2 reviews

Excellent show. Everyone’s left the theater questioning how they would react in that situation. A thought provoking play

The acting was excellent. Would highly reccomend it.

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Review from Marina
8 events 1 review

Amazing production!

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Sally Bradley-Golding
Review from Sally Bradley-Golding
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As a Board member of a small New England independent school, I REALLY appreciated the hard-hitting but nuanced questions raised by Joshua Harmon in his play. The production is excellent (staging, direction, casting etc.) and while all of the...continued

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Lyralen Kaye
Review from Lyralen Kaye
4 events 1 review

One of the best written new plays I've seen in Boston...or anywhere else.

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Carlyn Bassham
Review from Carlyn Bassham
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Wonder, engaging play. A clever, witty, intelligent script. Every player was superb. We were particularly impressed by the actor who played the son. His long, impassioned, hilarious rant/speech was a show-stopper.

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Paul Walsh
Review from Paul Walsh
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Wonderfully performed and highly entertaining. We're very familiar with this process and all the unnecessary anxieties that come with college admissions.

Looking forward to seeing more shows.

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