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Robert M Angilly
Review from Robert M Angilly
Red Velvet 274 events 152 reviews

Good crowd for a late afternoon matinee. I've been in Boston for a lot of years but never got out to see them before. My seat was excellent just outside the splatter zone and it was a very unique show. Lots of fun and up close.

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Ken Munroe
Review from Ken Munroe
Red Velvet 177 events 21 reviews

After seeing the "big" version of the show in Las Vegas, it was great to see a smaller, more intimate version here in Boston. Was obvious that a good portion of the audience was repeat visitors, knowing exactly what to do and when. Very much...continued

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Stewart Leshin
Review from Stewart Leshin
Red Velvet 35 events 16 reviews

I thought the show was inventive and clever but not that funny although the audience roared. The skits at times seemed juvenile to me.

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Marion Moritz Utain
Review from Marion Moritz Utain
Red Velvet 9 events 3 reviews

Horrible seats in the section the air was not working. There were available seats, but management would not move us. Would be so much better too very floor seats. Up in the balcony, you're just a spectator. On the floor, you're a participant.

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anthony dambrosio
Review from anthony dambrosio
107 events 62 reviews

Very entertaining.

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Review from JHL
80 events 48 reviews

I was prepared to be underwhelmed as this has been around forever like the Boston version of Cats. But lo and behold it was great fun. It's a perfect event to take an out-of-towner to, particularly if s/he is from Iowa.

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Review from nanp999
36 events 28 reviews

Interesting and imaginative, but very noisy and at times almost boring.

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Karen Pike
Review from Karen Pike
26 events 26 reviews

Seated on the side near the stage. So, although our view was excellent, during other activities during the performance we were unable to participate due to the low ceiling above us. I recommend only sitting in the center to get the full effect...continued

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Corey L
Review from Corey L
30 events 25 reviews

Had a lot of fun. Interesting, funny, good music, interactive, great for families and dates. Very pleasantly surprised

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Review from Gma7
46 events 23 reviews

We sat in Row 2 (with ponchos on) and had a great view of the expressive faces of the "Blue Men." Those expressions and their many and varied "acts" and interactions with each other and with the audience made a unique and wonderful show!

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Review from Dennis
53 events 22 reviews

I've see it in Vegas and Costa Mesa, CA. This was my second time seeing it in Boston. It's still the best venue for it.

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Review from pianomiss
138 events 20 reviews

Fabulous-exceeded expectations

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Review from Ilene
31 events 20 reviews

The seats were great--thank you Goldstar! The show had fun and good things about it, but I wouldn't recommend it or ever go again.

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Review from Clamint13
28 events 20 reviews

What an interesting concept for a show! Family friendly, fun and always changing I imagine. Theater is a little small, but kept well.

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Review from GoldstarProfileName
26 events 19 reviews

High-energy yet a little slow-paced at times. It's a show I greatly enjoy seeing every ten-fifteen years. Especially pleasing to the younger crowd, but good for all ages.

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Review from sweetpea
21 events 19 reviews

The show was fun and we had a lot of laughs. Our seats were pretty good considering we got them at a discount. We were just left of the stage - so close we had to wear ponchos and the blue men came over to us a few times. The show is good for...continued

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Laura Brainard
Review from Laura Brainard
70 events 17 reviews

Show was great! Larger than life. Something for everyone. Yes, they do "gross stuff" but you kind of expect that here. If you are squimish, sit in the balcony, you will be safe enough. If you like to live large sit downstairs. Parking in...continued

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Clea Denamiel
Review from Clea Denamiel
21 events 15 reviews

Excellent show!

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Review from Celjoh76
61 events 13 reviews

Our seats were underneath an overhang. The tickets we were given were not the tickets I paid for. The view was obstructed. The show was childish and simple.

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Review from phyllis
21 events 12 reviews

Great experience. As always. Have seen it before with visiting grandchildren, and now with visiting family. Knew is would be a hit. Grandson was chosen to be a part - which made it double exciting.

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