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FPTC was recently hailed as “a unique initiative in the performing arts in the city” by Boston Magazine.


Trapped Inside a Low-Fat Twinkie tells the story of an on-again, off-again relationship between a man and a woman and an obsession with low-fat Twinkies. The question is, which is healthier, the relationship or the ingredients of a Twinkie?

Playwright Silvia Graziano is the co-artistic director and resident playwright of Fort Point Theatre Channel. Her most recent play, The Romantic, was produced in FPTC’s “Gods, Monsters, and the Other” play festival. Other works include the prose poems A Slightly Sick Feeling and Pussy Willow, the short plays Trapped Inside a Low-fat Twinkie and Mourning the Narcissist, a poem/video script Boys Running: A True Confession, and the script for the short film, The Lumber Yard. Graziano coordinates FPTC’s Exclamation Point! series of new works readings and performances._ Boston_ Magazine recently honored Graziano as a “New Revolutionary” for her contributions to the Fort Point Theatre Channel’s success.

Dawn Simmons, co-artistic director of New Exhibition Room, will direct Trapped Inside a Low-fat Twinkie. Simmons previously directed Graziano’s one-act play, The Romantic. She is director of programs for StageSource: The Greater Boston Theatre Alliance.

Sunday with Joy__ __is a real language romp, a display of consummate word craftsmanship as we follow Joy disregarding the rules of her marriage and trying her hand at driving that relationship. This will the play’s first full production for the stage. Sunday with Joy received a reading by Main Street Theater at the Ovations Night Club, November 2006, in Houston, Texas.

Playwright James Swindell worked throughout his life behind the scenes in technical roles at many theaters. He was a lighting designer, sound designer, set designer, stage manager, and house manager at such theaters as Main Street Theater and Stages Theater in Houston, Texas, the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, and the Clarence Brown Theatre at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Besides Sunday with Joy, he wrote poems and full-length plays. He also wrote two opera librettos for composer Mark Warhol, co-founder of Fort Point Theatre Channel and artistic director of Ensemble Warhol.

The director of Sunday With Joy will be Dani Duggan, veteran of the Abbey Theatre, the National Theatre of Ireland. She is artistic director of Devanaughn Theatre, president of the executive council of the Massachusetts Drama Guild, producing director of Shakespeare on the Rock in Plymouth, and has worked with many international companies.

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