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Bir Kaur
Review from Bir Kaur
Red Velvet 33 events 5 reviews

Talented cast and beautiful story.... but very disappointing in that Dolly didn’t even sing one song or do a closing song. Promotion of it as Dolly Parton’s Christmas show seems manipulative.........
Maybe note saying written by but Dolly Parton...continued

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Review from RhomeyEM
178 events 43 reviews

A very well thought out adaptation of the classic story, enhanced by wonderful music.

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Thomas Cavanaugh
Review from Thomas Cavanaugh
30 events 26 reviews

This was a fun take on A Christmas Carol in a beautiful theater. The tickets were dead center 14 rows from the stage.

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Anna k.
Review from Anna k.
31 events 13 reviews

Sound effects terrible where we were sitting.
Actors seemed well versed but we could not make much of the dialogue. Good thing we knew the story ?
Very uncomfortable seats. I am only 5.3” and was suffering.
We were all crammed in the back...continued

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Jason Kehrl
Review from Jason Kehrl
50 events 11 reviews

An absolute delight of a tear-jerker. Scrooge, his nephew/young Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas past are all extremely well done and alone warrant going to see the show.

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Review from leep
96 events 9 reviews

It brought tears to my eyes in a couple of spots. I loved the songs.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 3 reviews

The first act was a bit slow but the second act was awesome. Even shed a tear or two. Great music!

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Review from JUDY MERC
4 events 2 reviews

The show was wonderful! Loved the southern flare. The music and choreography made it fresh and new. The theater is incredible.

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Review from Gerald
13 events 1 review

Boring repetitive and no Dolly Parton

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Joseph Desmond
Review from Joseph Desmond
2 events 1 review

Excellent show!

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Sandra Publicover
Review from Sandra Publicover
1 event 1 review

Marvelous performance by the cast of A Smoky Mountain Christmas Carol today at the Colonial Theater. Music was fantastic and story lots of fun. Great production. I would love to get a soundtrack. Great seats and love the old Boston theaters. I’m...continued

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Karen Gratiano
Review from Karen Gratiano
13 events 1 review

Meh. The story was ok (it's A Christmas Carol in a different setting), but the sound system had the musicians up so loud that you couldn't hear the actors, so a little hard to say the songs were good or bad because you couldn't hear them!

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Katherine Heffernan
Review from Katherine Heffernan
2 events 1 review

opening night there were definitely some kinks to work out with the audio but the music and singing were great. Nice production with a Smoky Mountain flavor. Actor playing Scrooge was top notch.

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Cecilia Mullings
Review from Cecilia Mullings
1 event 1 review

The music was great, I love new Christmas tunes, the acting was solid, and the set was cool. I also liked that the music tied in the birth of Christ more clearly than I've seen in other adaptations. Thanks Dolly!

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LuAnn Sabounjian
Review from LuAnn Sabounjian
7 events 1 review

The show was quite good and a refreshing surprise! My issue has to do with the third-party vendor piece. We thought our seats were in a better location at the theater. And ordering through Goldstar, we were unable to view our seats to make the...continued

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Dustin Todd Rennells
Review from Dustin Todd Rennells
1 event 1 review

The story was sweet and the music was amazing. It was just so "awkward." Like the actors were apologizing for something? It's hard to explain. And the circle song was used entirely too many times.

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Joanne Brundage
Review from Joanne Brundage
1 event 1 review

There wasn’t very many songs and the songs they sang seemed to be the same music with different lyrics

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Jeanne McAuley
Review from Jeanne McAuley
1 event 1 review

Though it was difficult at times to understand the lyrics and dialogue from our seats in the upper balcony, the music was great and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Really liked the musicians on stage with the actors and they're part in the...continued

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