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Review from kgallery
Red Velvet 19 events 2 reviews

A powerful play! I also enjoyed the "conversation" with some of the actors afterwards.

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Nancy Nichols
Review from Nancy Nichols
52 events 33 reviews

Fabulous, creative and heart wrenching performance. The music and acting are first rate and you'll be talking about the show all the way home. Decent Goldstar seats in the rear of the orchestra.

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Review from BostonKevin
23 events 20 reviews

A unique and interesting production. I especially liked how they weaved Egyptian musicality into more standard Broadway music.

All of the performances were great.

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Review from Bob
48 events 19 reviews

Not particularly engaging!

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Review from Lehackney
52 events 15 reviews

This was an unforgettable theatrical experience! Beautifully written, incredibly acted. We loved every minute and were stunned by the ending! Congratulations!

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Dawn Ahern-Hodgson
Review from Dawn Ahern-Hodgson
21 events 12 reviews

Excellent play. Extremely moving. Was so much more than I was expecting. Highly recommended.

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Craig Gariepy
Review from Craig Gariepy
20 events 11 reviews

I like it, I did not love it

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Review from NRB
17 events 7 reviews

Not only was the production excellent, the seats were great

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Review from Bmarder
14 events 6 reviews

Ambitious performance -handles sensitive subject artfully!

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Review from DJJudith
16 events 4 reviews

music and staging are great...too much repetition....play could have been shorter with no intermission.

sometimes hard to make out dialogue - I have very good hearing, but still couldn't catch it all...

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
0 events 1 review

An amazing show that explores issues of systemic bias, censorship, assimilation, and acceptance without ever feeling pedantic or preachy.

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Review from Julie
9 events 1 review

Heavy-handed. Well-acted and -choreographed.

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Norman Meltz
Review from Norman Meltz
3 events 1 review

Terrific play and the seats were excellent

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Jerome Gans
Review from Jerome Gans
1 event 1 review

Terrific, moving, compelling - 5 stars

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Inna Konyavsky
Review from Inna Konyavsky
1 event 1 review

We absolutely loved this performance! Stunning! It was such vivid history through back!

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Kathleen Carspecken
Review from Kathleen Carspecken
1 event 1 review

We were enthralled and moved by “Indecent.” The play is tight, spare, musically excellent, clever, funny, and devastating. The actors move as one organism. Our seats were in the sixth row aisle of the orchestra—could not have been much better...continued

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Ira Morgenstern
Review from Ira Morgenstern
1 event 1 review

Wonderful Performance. great script, and well performed.

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