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Audrey Cunningham
Review from Audrey Cunningham
Red Velvet 18 events 8 reviews

It was very enjoyable. I think he could have projected his voice better as at times I felt his voice faded off a bit and we were saying 'What did he say...'

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Lydia Cavieux
Review from Lydia Cavieux
Red Velvet 6 events 3 reviews

Very up close and personal! My mind is still reeling trying to figure out how it was done. Will definitely go again :-)

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Anna k.
Review from Anna k.
28 events 12 reviews

Great entertainment presented in a fun, witty way! He picked random people from the audience (my husband was picked twice) and shared amazing info!
I would go back and watch again.
This show is not to be missed!

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Review from msapers
35 events 12 reviews

This was a mind-blowing experience. The whole evening all of us kept saying (and thinking), "Wow, how did he do that? How did he know?" John Stetson was simply unbelievable in his ability to understand what we were thinking and his ability to...continued

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Jen Mele
Review from Jen Mele
27 events 5 reviews

This show was amazing! Jon was very interactive -- using a variety of techniques, he guessed personal info about at least 20 audience members. The venue was a meeting room in the hotel, so it was more intimate than a typical theatre. I don't...continued

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kenneth lee
Review from kenneth lee
3 events 3 reviews

Mind blowing. Jon Stetson is a master mentalist and delivers his performance with style. He is captivating, and intelligent. It was a great 2 hours watching him work!

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Janet DL
Review from Janet DL
61 events 2 reviews

I was amazed and really surprised. An experience worth going to. I will do it again!

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Review from Erin
5 events 2 reviews

Jon does a really good job of mystifying the audience while still making it laid back and enjoyable. Would definitely go again.

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Ella Wray
Review from Ella Wray
10 events 1 review

Amazing show by a very skillful performer. Jon kept everyone's attention from the start to finish of the show. Absolutely loved it and highly recommend to everyone who has a curious mind!

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Jacquelyn Heffernan
Review from Jacquelyn Heffernan
1 event 1 review

Amazing! My daughter said it was the best night of her life!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 1 review

Amazing!! Jon is incredible and out of this world. I loved it and highly recommend seeing him. Truly amazing!!

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Jeff Brenner
Review from Jeff Brenner
5 events 1 review

As amazing a live experience as I've ever had. Apparently due, at least in part, to some scheduling issues, we were 2 of just 8 people in the audience, making for as intimate and personal an event as you could imagine. I've always been a skeptic...continued

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Megan Tucker
Review from Megan Tucker
3 events 1 review

FANTASTIC! I was skeptical but by the end blown away and completely overwhelmed with how incredible the show was.

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Mark Kanarick
Review from Mark Kanarick
18 events 1 review

Great event - still dont know how he did it!!

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Review from Mish
7 events 1 review

I have seen a few of these type shows and this was the best!!

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Review from Patti
20 events 1 review

I highly recommend!
Fun, engaging, amazing and extremely believable!!
True Boston native adds a nice touch.
Don’t miss it!

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Michael T Regan
Review from Michael T Regan
4 events 1 review

I was not very familiar with Jon prior to attending his show. His show was highly entertaining and amazing! A class act ... I would definitely go see him again.

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Review from Countmielko
3 events 1 review

Jon was absolutely amazing. His skill is incredible. He was able to tell us things that he had no way of knowing. The entire audience was enthralled. He made us laugh, cry and exclaim complete surprise. I am normally very reticent and...continued

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Myra Fraidin
Review from Myra Fraidin
1 event 1 review

Loved the evening. Great fun!

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Grace Quigua
Review from Grace Quigua
10 events 1 review

People!! Don't miss this show! You will meet the one, true mentalist!!! He made believers out of the most skeptical audience members. The show is more than an evening out. Congratulations Jon and company!! Thanks for a daunting experience.

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