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“A compelling work of art that everyone in America ought to see… deeply resonant film sequences [and] solidly grounded interplay from all actors, and pauses and silences aching with meaning” —_The Theater Mirror _


Cornerstone Stage Company presents Outside the Wire at the BCA Black Box. This is an original play written by Jimi Stanton and directed by Daniel Marcum. Inspired by a true story, this play will move you to tears, bring you to the edge of your seat, and illuminate the reality that “war is only half the battle.”

Outside the Wire is a play so many soldiers and their families will identify with and a present-day story that must be told through live theater. The story follows Sergeant Mark Mercer as he comes home from Iraq to find that life will never be the same. Half of the story takes place in Iraq, where he is dealing with the hardships and realities of war, while the other half takes place at home in New England, where he struggles to re-adjust to life after the Military. Through a fragmented plot, intense interactive action and film the audience begins to figure out what Mark and his fellow soldiers have gone through, and why Mark feels more connected to the life he had as a soldier in Iraq than his life as a husband and father.

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