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Jean Marrapodi
Review from Jean Marrapodi
Red Velvet 8 events 5 reviews

Fabulous. This was such a powerful show and I'm so glad I got to see it before it closed. The actors were incredible and the message loud and clear. It's one more piece of exceptional Boston theatre.

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Gene Marley
Review from Gene Marley
264 events 238 reviews

Powerful play leaves you wanting more.

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Review from SS
102 events 88 reviews

It took us time to respond for this review. It was profoundly moving and struck us to the core. Though it was presented as a play it was really a composite of real lives. It was raw and painful. It made us think of what we can do to be better...continued

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Stephanie Bluhm Stone
Review from Stephanie Bluhm Stone
83 events 34 reviews

Excellent acting and a meaningful play

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Nicholl Denice
Review from Nicholl Denice
29 events 16 reviews

This play was tough to watch because it was depicted the lives of young Black men so well. I spent much of the play imagining the young men I used to teach and could see their struggles.

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Tim Jackson
Review from Tim Jackson
23 events 13 reviews

I appreciate the concept of being in your face so we can truly feel the frustration and anger. The performers were terrific. I didn't even mind getting booted out as a white man. I recognize the gesture and admire the effort.
The play, however,...continued

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Review from Anne
54 events 12 reviews

Energetic, rhythmic, and thought provoking. There isn’t exactly a story; it’s more like watching spoken word. The layers of symbolism don’t quite line up. But it has an important set of messages, the actors are wonderful, and I’m glad I went.

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Sandra Wixted
Review from Sandra Wixted
41 events 10 reviews

Brilliant play. Best acting. We are privileged to experience this play. The play will be part of ongoing life experiences and discussions to bring discovery, emotional connection or not with others. Thank you.

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James D. White
Review from James D. White
27 events 8 reviews

For me there was just poor dialogue (I will be admonished for saying the playwright's documenting the behavior of black street people as not interesting), little humor, creating only ambivalence about the character development, and it just dragged...continued

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Amy S. West
Review from Amy S. West
33 events 6 reviews

A powerful and devastating experience. 5 stars for performances and story. This play will change you.

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Steffi Wright
Review from Steffi Wright
48 events 6 reviews

PasOver is not frilly theatre, but under the simplicity it is layered with deep messages. Highly recommended.

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Charlie Fox
Review from Charlie Fox
14 events 1 review

Really good actors. The script became ‘preachy’ as play went on. Also, was somewhat offended by the post-play segregation of the audience - offering a process for black & brown audience members & asking others to leave.

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