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Donna W
Review from Donna W
Red Velvet 71 events 47 reviews

Amazing! This troupe is talented, skillful, agile, and fearless. I was exhausted by the end of the performance because I kept holding my breath. What a treat...so glad I got tickets through Goldstar for this one!

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Review from Celjoh76
60 events 13 reviews

Awesome show ! Funny too ! Great theatre !

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Review from msapers
38 events 13 reviews

What an unexpected surprise! We did not know much about the show going in but loved every moment of it. Incredible acrobatics and choreography. Each act was better than the previous one.

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Review from Anne
54 events 12 reviews

Why would anyone ever go to the regular old circus after seeing 7 Fingers? They perform impossible physical feats with grace and imbue all their shows with story, emotion, and human connection.

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Liz H
Review from Liz H
17 events 9 reviews

Great show, we all loved it. Very entertaining and amazing skills from the performers.

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Review from Sistermommy
26 events 7 reviews

7 Fingers, once again, creates a show filled with wonderful movement and expression. The strength of the performers and the fluidity of who were bases and who were flyers made it all the more beautiful.

And the staff at the Emerson Cutler...continued

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Rebecca Wish Esche
Review from Rebecca Wish Esche
11 events 7 reviews

Mind boggling
Such body moves, twists and tangles
Loved music, video backdrops
Sigh...it was wonderful and engrossing!!!

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Review from Jen
42 events 5 reviews

Amazing! The acrobats are so talented and the storyline weaves their skills into an incredible experience.

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Jane McHale
Review from Jane McHale
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing performers!! Loved it!!

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Review from victormariscal
4 events 3 reviews

It was amazing!!!

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Review from Victoria
27 events 3 reviews

It was fantastic! As always 7Fingers delivers an amazing performance. Love every single one of their shows. Cuisine and Confessions was by far the best one but Passengers was wonderful as well.

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Karen Nadeau
Review from Karen Nadeau
8 events 2 reviews

It was truly an amazing show, an amazingly talented troupe. I loved this multi- media performance.

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MariaMerce Lopez
Review from MariaMerce Lopez
3 events 2 reviews

The show was great and so was the atmosphere. I just wished we had had more central seats. And too many heads in front of short people. Still very worth it!

Best wishes!

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Teresa Tapper
Review from Teresa Tapper
21 events 1 review

Amazing! We absolutely loved it! Highly recommend!

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Review from Dan
3 events 1 review

Best show of this kind that I have seen in years!

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Review from triho
6 events 1 review

Good mix of circus acts, dance, and music

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Dorothy Corbiere
Review from Dorothy Corbiere
0 events 1 review

It was way beyond expectation for 3 generations of our family. Hard to determine who loved it most - SPECTACULAR - great theater to enter and exit with ease. Wish everyone could see it. It is a not to miss.

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