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Jeremy Ryan
Review from Jeremy Ryan
54 events 15 reviews

What an amazing evening on the water! My Mom and I took family from out of town on this boat trip. We had been once before and they kindly remembered us and was happy to see us return. I can't say enough about the staff. They are genuine,...continued

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Review from Eliza
16 events 9 reviews

Seeing the sunset over the city was amazing. The crew was informative and friendly. It is cool so be sure to bring warm clothes.

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Review from DGK
12 events 5 reviews

Great night. Really enjoyed the cruise. Crew was excellent, friendly

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Review from Mitch
27 events 5 reviews

Highy Recommend

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Review from :)
19 events 5 reviews

In order to recieve free parking in the garage, you must bring the ticket on the sail with you for them to stamp it or else its full price. I thought I read there would be appetizers of some sort but I guess that was my hungry imagination....continued

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Brenda Neil
Review from Brenda Neil
7 events 5 reviews

Took the Red Line into South Station from Braintree, retrieved our Boarding Passes at Rowe’s Wharf, and enjoyed a leisurely dinner at Joe’s American Bar & Grille before boarding the Adirondack III - wonderful time! Bring a jacket cuz it can be...continued

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Review from Valerie
6 events 5 reviews

Went with a female friend...we were the only non-couple aboard but made the best of it. The crowd was pretty quiet and just sat back and enjoyed the cruise so do not go expecting blaring music and a party ship environment also you can bring food...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 4 reviews

Beautiful shiny clean boat. Smaller boat than the competition (the Liberty Tall Ships) at 80 Feet---but that is the GOOD part! ONLY 41 passengers allowed on board and that means that EVERYONE has a comfortable place to sit and has a GREAT view!...continued

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Review from Pericles
13 events 4 reviews

Delightful evening out on the bay.

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S Burns
Review from S Burns
11 events 4 reviews

Great sailing excursion! Wonderful evening to watch the sunset from the harbor. Crew was awesome, friendly and professional.

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Review from Kcmickey
7 events 4 reviews

Was a perfect weather night going sailing. There were about 25 ppl on board (it fits 41). Love that it doesn't feel crowded. This is my 4th time on this boat (1st time during sunset) and I loved it! The sunset was gorgeous! We brought our own food...continued

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G. David
Review from G. David
7 events 4 reviews

What a great experience all around. The sailboat was beautiful. The crew was fun and knowledgeable. We boarded on time, we set sail on time. The captain and crew explained the boat and the rules of the road. The crew provided geographical and...continued

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Sheila R
Review from Sheila R
3 events 3 reviews

Despite it being an overcast day, we had a ton of fun thanks to the jovial crew. There are PLENTY of blankets to go around and they have ponchos if it rains. They gave us the option to head back in early if we were too cold but we opted to stay out.

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Jamie Curcio
Review from Jamie Curcio
6 events 3 reviews

Great sail with a wonderful crew. Was about an hour and half, which was plenty of time out on the bay.

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Review from tima
4 events 3 reviews

I loved it! The crew was great! And I was very happy with the experience! Sooo worth it!

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Review from Helen
3 events 3 reviews

It was a lovely sailing - very calm and peaceful. My first time on a sailboat and it was such a lovely experience. We went for my husband's birthday and it was a perfect end to our fun day trip in Boston.

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Review from tima
4 events 3 reviews

It was great! The crew was awesone, I got to enjoy my time! Great!

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Margie Bruneau
Review from Margie Bruneau
12 events 3 reviews

Such a beatiful sail!!!! I have spent time on the harbor in a power boat but never on a sail boat. So peaceful, no engine. Captain was very engaging. Just a great experience. Highly recomend

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Debbie Reynolds
Review from Debbie Reynolds
30 events 3 reviews

The crew was not just polite, but cordial and amazingly welcoming. They spoke with each person onboard. It wasn't to "sell," but to connect with each of us. They were casual and warm. Sailing was a delight. So, so much better than the loud party...continued

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Review from Jaye
23 events 3 reviews

The crew was very friendly and efficient. The boat was beautiful and the weather couldn't have been better! What a lovely experience :)

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