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Review from Divo770
65 events 44 reviews

music was good...but the drinks were very pricey for what you got for mixed well liquor drinks. Also I wouldn't really called what they served food. It was more like movie theater snacks. Hot Dogs, home made pizza squares and popcorn. Might want...continued

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Meaghan Yuska
Review from Meaghan Yuska
44 events 21 reviews

I'll start by saying the view of the city was beautiful! However, the food was gross, the drinks were ok. It's younger, single crowd. The DJ was great. The band was great.

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Michael F Deverix
Review from Michael F Deverix
57 events 17 reviews

Life is what you Add to it" With the exception of the Weather,then again The Fog and the Mist kind of made it so Special.. 6 of us Had a "Fantastic Time"

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Aletha Mebane
Review from Aletha Mebane
27 events 12 reviews

The DJ on the top level of the boat was Fantastic!!! We had a great time and the people on the boat was very friendly. This was our last night in Boston and it ended Perfect.

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John Polce
Review from John Polce
14 events 7 reviews

Despite the weather,it was a nice night on the water.

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Review from zorro
86 events 3 reviews

Did not attend

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Review from Silvanita
12 events 3 reviews

Had a great time met fun ppl. The downside was that no one knew about after party, so we had to find our own.

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Dotty Payzant
Review from Dotty Payzant
9 events 3 reviews

I had the best time I am going to another one in August

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Review from STACHIA73
36 events 3 reviews

The view of the Boston skyline with the sun setting behind it was incredible. The 80's band was great and it was really cool that there were three different levels with three different types of music. I would highly recommend it.

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Kimberly Pedersen
Review from Kimberly Pedersen
7 events 2 reviews

Had a great time with awesome people!!! Both DJs were great, too!!!!

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Review from LizzyB
7 events 2 reviews

I was skeptical about how this was going to turn out since it was raining. The boat goes out rain or shine, but 2 of the 3 decks (each deck has a bar, BTW) are covered, and we still occasionally caught some nice views through the fog. Our boat had...continued

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Review from Pony
3 events 2 reviews

Really fun! Multiple levels for dancing, popular music on one level and electronic on the bottom level. It was my birthday and I had a blast!

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Gina Ferrara
Review from Gina Ferrara
6 events 2 reviews

Start typing to review your experience...

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Barbara Welch
Review from Barbara Welch
1 event 1 review

Awesome night and crew! Special shoutout to Ted! Thanks for a great night ???

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Valeria Martini
Review from Valeria Martini
4 events 1 review

Crowd wasn't great. Very weird mix of people. DJ was alright. Drink were a little pricey.

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Alexandra Brewer
Review from Alexandra Brewer
1 event 1 review

Everything was great. However, the pizza could definitely have been better...especially if it’s the only food offering. Also, we left a little late and arrived back at the dock 30 mins early which was a little disheartening. When we docked we were...continued

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Review from vanna4380
9 events 1 review

Had a wonderful time!!! It was like a club on a boat.

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Anna Choi
Review from Anna Choi
20 events 1 review

Horrible. Total meat market. People didn't even dance. They just stood around and watched people so even if you wanted to dance, you couldn't because of the people just standing there. The live band on the second floor were okay but they didn't...continued

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Amy Barnett
Review from Amy Barnett
15 events 1 review

I didn't get to go.

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Tina Haviet
Review from Tina Haviet
23 events 1 review

It was awesome and had a blast! great music and fun dancing the night away! Spray tatoo onboard too!

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