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Review from doodleranch
30 events 10 reviews

This was so funny!!!!! I just loved it.

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Monique Symes
Review from Monique Symes
25 events 9 reviews

Loved this!

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Review from Barbara
18 events 9 reviews

The actors did a fabulously entertaining job! I hadn't see this play in 30 years and loved it every bit as much as the first time!
Our assigned seats were lousy but, due to low attendance, we were able to move to an area where we could actually...continued

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Review from Gail
43 events 9 reviews

this show never ceases to delight me. As many times as I have seen it, I love it more each time

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George Mera
Review from George Mera
14 events 8 reviews

Awesome show, hilarious!!!

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Review from Ssss
9 events 8 reviews

I hadn't seen this show in 30 years. It was still fresh, funny and worth seeing again and again. The actors have great comedic timing and improvisation stills. Very impressive. I went as my birthday celebration this year and had a blast!

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Review from Sharon
19 events 8 reviews

The performance was super-lots of laughs!
As a Red Velvet member, I was very disappointed in our assigned seats-they were so bad that when we walked in the usher looked at out tickets and said we did not have to sit there and helped us get better...continued

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Review from BORTIZ
64 events 7 reviews

Fantastic experience.

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Marina Saenko
Review from Marina Saenko
22 events 7 reviews

It was wonderful, funny and very entertaining. We had an amazing time and would definitely recommend this play to everyone.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 7 reviews

My husband and I went to see Shear Madness and we both loved it. We laughed throughout the entire show, it was very well done and SO funny! A lot of off color humor mixed in, but nothing over the top. I definitely would recommend it.

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Brian Cullen
Review from Brian Cullen
13 events 7 reviews

Parts are funny, it is gnerally enjoyable.

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Thomas Cavanaugh
Review from Thomas Cavanaugh
10 events 7 reviews

This is a Boston tradition. Well worth your time if you like to laugh. How can you beat the ticket prices on Goldstar?

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Review from Lc
8 events 7 reviews

We had a lot of fun at Shear Madness. It was a quiet Wednesday night, so the crowd participation was a bit lacking but the improv by the actors was OUTSTANDING! Would definitely recommend for a fun night out!

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Review from ME
17 events 6 reviews

I almost forgot I could laugh so hard. The best medicine around. This show is awesome and I cannot wait to take more friends out to experience it. Thank you!

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Review from Roberta
12 events 6 reviews

I brought my three daughters 21, 21 and 19 - we all enjoyed!

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Andy O.
Review from Andy O.
9 events 6 reviews

I've seen this twice before years ago and I've been dying to go back. It was a riot of laughs! And with constant updates to the script and improv, the jokes are fresh and knee-slapping fun. Well worth double the ticket price!

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Thomas Doc Daugherty
Review from Thomas Doc Daugherty
14 events 6 reviews

One of the best shows in Boston

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 6 reviews

Shead Madness was a lot of fun and a great time. Make sure you don't bring children - there were about a dozen kids at the show I went to and it is wildly inappropriate for them.

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Review from reedl
14 events 6 reviews

Shear Madness is one of the best audioence participation events out there. The "actors" ad-lib and are quick-whitted. The show is one of the funniest I have seen in a long time.

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Thomas Doc Daugherty
Review from Thomas Doc Daugherty
14 events 6 reviews

Simply Awesome!

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