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10 events 6 reviews

The show was okay.

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Ellen Klawans
Review from Ellen Klawans
12 events 6 reviews

We absolutely loved the show. The acting was terrific and each of the cast members was hilarious. Would highly recommend this show if you want to laugh your evening away!!

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Kirsten S.
Review from Kirsten S.
7 events 5 reviews

A fun and upbeat experience cross between improv, dinner theatre, and a play. A nice alternative to standard theatre performances. The audience participation was a lot of fun and the cast were very engaging. Every performance is a different...continued

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Erik Parker
Review from Erik Parker
13 events 5 reviews

Fun time at this show. Very funny and interactive.

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Review from Shweta
9 events 5 reviews

Funny, good actors, interactive with audience. Loved it!

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Review from kathy
12 events 5 reviews

great fun...saw this 30 years ago and it still makes me laugh out loud!

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Anita V. Nichols-Habib
Review from Anita V. Nichols-Habib
8 events 5 reviews
Ter Bear
Review from Ter Bear
9 events 5 reviews

It was a great scripted improv. They were so quick on their feet. Highly recommend.

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It was a very fun show. Make sure to arrive a little bit early so you can get good seats. Also let them know something special about you, and your group so they can insert it in the show. I am from ITALY and they made a reference to it.

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Anita V. Nichols-Habib
Review from Anita V. Nichols-Habib
8 events 5 reviews

It was great!

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Rick Harbus
Review from Rick Harbus
20 events 5 reviews

There"s nothing like Shear Madness! This is my 2nd thime seeing it, and it was as fun the 2nd time as it was the first. It's a MUST SEE for everyone.

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Dale Braithwaite
Review from Dale Braithwaite
16 events 5 reviews

Very intimate setting. The actors did an admirable job. Some of it was corny however and the humor was frequently off color and not suitable for families.

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Pat Bu
Review from Pat Bu
25 events 5 reviews

Very, very funny!

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Jim Madenjian
Review from Jim Madenjian
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Went with friends and had a great time. The experience was good, and all seats in the house a also good. Caution wine is expensive, $12 a glass !!

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13 events 4 reviews

A fun show. We had good seats too, better than I expected.

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Nathan Scalata
Review from Nathan Scalata
16 events 4 reviews

Brilliant, witty, and couldn't stop laughing. I'll definitely be coming back

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Brought a friend from out of town, and I have only lived here a couple of years. There were a lot of inside jokes that you had to be local for, but that did not diminish the show in any way. I laughed when the "cop" said he was from the "country"...continued

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Jackie Miller
Review from Jackie Miller
46 events 4 reviews

Cast was great, super fun play. Interaction between cast and patrons during second half of play.

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Chris Morris
Review from Chris Morris
7 events 4 reviews

had a great time

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Review from Natoca
9 events 4 reviews

Is very funny and interactive

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