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Laurie Lu
Review from Laurie Lu
6 events 2 reviews

Lots of fun, lots of laughs. Great audience participation. Would be a wonderful and fun evening to entertain out of town guests with.

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Jim Kilmartin
Review from Jim Kilmartin
5 events 2 reviews

Lots of laughs! We really enjoyed it!

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Sasha Bergmann
Review from Sasha Bergmann
3 events 2 reviews

My premium seating was in the very back with a pole interrupting our full view. I thought the acting was mediocre and the show was boring. There were a few decent laughs. I would have preferred to be sleeping!!! WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!

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Carla Mcmahon
Review from Carla Mcmahon
4 events 2 reviews

Really fun night out?

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Cheryl Murillo
Review from Cheryl Murillo
3 events 2 reviews

Shear Madness took me completely by surprise. I was not expecting the incredible level of acting, perfectly timed humor, and wonderful chemistry between the characters. The interaction with the audience was beautifully coordinated and they kept...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

The show was great, our groups ages ranged from 14 to 80 and everyone loved the show.

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Virginia Tanasa
Review from Virginia Tanasa
3 events 2 reviews

The show was great!!!!! Amazing actors!!!!!!
The only thing that I would comment on is the fact that it was pretty chilly in the theatre.

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Review from Rosemaire
26 events 2 reviews

Too vulgar and crass, with concentration on gay humor. I was with my 16 year old daughter and had called ahead, before purchasing the tickets, and was told, oh yes, appropriate for over 13's!!! NOT.

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Geoffrey Lantos
Review from Geoffrey Lantos
3 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining and funny with audience involvement. Talented performers interacted off the cuff to audience questions and responses.

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Review from Paulette
3 events 2 reviews

We had great time!

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Review from mbennett
6 events 2 reviews

Wonderful performance. Loved the interactive piece. Would go again.

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Carol Mclellan
Review from Carol Mclellan
6 events 1 review

A great night, lot's of belly laughs. The cast was terrific, talented and real. A wonderful evening with friends.

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Review from Clownie
19 events 1 review

A laugh a minute, loved it. A lot of Boston humor

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Yadvendra Singh
Review from Yadvendra Singh
1 event 1 review

A wonderful evening out, only the seats given by goldstar were very poor. We had an obstructed view with pillars and tall people spoiling the experience. The lady who was monitoring the seating refused to upgrade us enen though there were lots of...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

Always a fun night. My FIFTH time and it never gets old!

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George Junca
Review from George Junca
6 events 1 review

Awesome, definitely recommended!

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Ann Pirone
Review from Ann Pirone
3 events 1 review

Brought my 12 and 13 year olds, my husband, sister in law and mother in law - everyone loved it! Super fun, highly recommend it for a fun family day with older kids.

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Melissa Gregory
Review from Melissa Gregory
0 events 1 review

Brought my 14 yr old as i had been quite a few yrs ago .. we had a great time ...and she vwry much enjoyed it.

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Gina Langdon
Review from Gina Langdon
2 events 1 review

Casual, fun night out. Worth seeing

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Julie Peralta
Review from Julie Peralta
7 events 1 review

Didn't stop laughing the entire show. Actor interaction with the audience was great!

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