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Review from Mdasse
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Great show! Cast was funny and engaging, story was funny. The audience participation was fun and the whole audience got involved. Great atmosphere and great ambiance. Great night out for any occasion, took my sister for her birthday and she loved it!

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Eileen P
Review from Eileen P
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Great show... cast was wonderful and funny. Loved the small theatre, all seats are good. Audience participation was enjoyable.

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Phyllis Isberg
Review from Phyllis Isberg
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Great show with crowd participation! It was funny and witty! Highly recommended!

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Kevin Simpson
Review from Kevin Simpson
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Great time! Funny and interactive show. It's a nice night out and worth going for the price.

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Dick LeBlanc
Review from Dick LeBlanc
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Great time great laughs great seats, great experience highly recommend going to see oit

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Review from Rigormootis
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Great time. Tons of laughs. Amazing cast!! If you haven't been you really should go!!

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Amy H
Review from Amy H
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Review from Cz
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Had a few laughs, loved it

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Review from pcerullo
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Had the best time with my niece, we laughed so much that I want to go back again very soon! Couldn't stop talking about it the next day to co workers. The Charles is a great venue!

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Amy Palmacci Watkins
Review from Amy Palmacci Watkins
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HILARIOUS!!!! Didnt stop laughing the entire time. Great for someone who loves to be apart of the show. WOuld definitely see again.

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Beatriz Kassianides
Review from Beatriz Kassianides
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Mega Hertz
Review from Mega Hertz
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Hilarious! Intimate seating was critical for this show to be so much fun! I had seen this show in Chicago many years ago, in a much larger theater - This setting was so much better. The actors were great sports and VERY VERY funny.

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Review from Virginia
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Hillarious! The show is fresh with references to current events, almost like stand-up comedy. We all--audience and cast--laughed together. Loved it. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or evening.

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Ralph Rossi
Review from Ralph Rossi
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I bought tickets from Goldstar and then added a Red
Velvet membership to get preferred service and seat upgrades, but I got no special treatment for being a Red Velvet member. I got seated in the back near an aisle so all the dipshits that kept...continued

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Jenny Chu
Review from Jenny Chu
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I had no idea what to expect but it was such a fun show! Before the show officially started the actors were already in character and it was easy to dive right into it. The cast was delightful and quick-witted. I couldn't tell when they were...continued

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Review from Mhs
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I have seen Shear Madness at least 4 times. Yesterday I brought two grandsons, ages 14 and 19 (the 19-year-old's 2nd time)--my birthday present to them. We all had a wonderful workout of "internal jogging," i.e., Laughing. All the actors...continued

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Brent Bourgeois
Review from Brent Bourgeois
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I liked it. My complaint is with Goldstar. I had three tickets and the other two people couldn't go. I asked for a refund and was refused. I had to eat the other two tickets and sat next to two empty seats.

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Christine Cronin-Tocci
Review from Christine Cronin-Tocci
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I loved it! It was hysterical.

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Review from Kendyl
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I purchased the Goldstar Red Velvet membership which promoted priority seating for the show. Nothing priority about our seats...they were the worst seats in the house!!! Thanks!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I really enjoyed the show.
If you want to enjoy silly laughter, this is a right show for you.

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