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Suzanne Treviso
Review from Suzanne Treviso
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I really enjoyed the show and goldstar provided us great seats at great prices.

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Steven Schafer
Review from Steven Schafer
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I think this play shows its age. Although some of the humor was topically timely (references to Trump, the border wall, etc.), in the age of the Me Too movement and heightened sensitivity to sexual identities and diversity, some of the humor...continued

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Carol Vitale
Review from Carol Vitale
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i took my college age son and the two of us laughed so hard our sides hurt. a great night out

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Helen Silva
Review from Helen Silva
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I took my son and his girlfriend for his 20th birthday and they enjoyed it as much as I did!

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Lou Ann Green
Review from Lou Ann Green
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I went to the show with my son and his friend. We had so many laughs. We are anticipating our next visit to see the show again.

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Review from NMRymar
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In regards to some of the comments - yes, the theatre isn't the Wang, but it's perfect for the show. It's a little basement theatre set up like a cafe with little tables and chairs for the guests. There is a bar, so you can have cocktails during...continued

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Rafik Bishara
Review from Rafik Bishara
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It was a good play. Nothing crazy funny but a good story with some good laughs.

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Jah Cheri
Review from Jah Cheri
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It was a small stages area. It was very exciting you got to be apart of the play and I really enjoyed it.

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La Vern
Review from La Vern
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It was clever, fast-paced and well acted.

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Chary Bonilla
Review from Chary Bonilla
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It was entertaining, engaging and non-stop laughing.

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Jon R Ball
Review from Jon R Ball
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It was funny and enjoyable. However, I came with some children. And I wasn't forewarned that there would be some really raunchy humor and lots of gay jokes. I think it went over the kid's heads, but I would have liked to have been forewarned....continued

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Lisa Cooper Keenan
Review from Lisa Cooper Keenan
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It was hysterical. I brought my 11 year old and he loved it too!! Actors are unbelievably talented. Improv was great!! I loved that the audience chooses who did it and they make the play go that way. Definitely go.

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Anita R.
Review from Anita R.
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It was so funny and entertaining!!!!! My mom, sister, cousin and I found it very amusing!!!

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Review from PhxBeth
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Laugh out loud funny the entire show!

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Donna Babylon
Review from Donna Babylon
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Laughed all the way through the performance! Loved the quick witty-ness of the actors and how the current event subjects woven through the dialog. The audience interaction was fun!

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Beth Oconnor
Review from Beth Oconnor
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Laughed until my side hurt :)

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Review from kylevren
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lots of fun! really had a good time interacting with the actors...

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Lots of laughs! Great time!

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Leslie Perry
Review from Leslie Perry
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Lots of laughs!!!

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Kathy gleavy
Review from Kathy gleavy
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Love the arts

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