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Forrest Lindwall
Review from Forrest Lindwall
29 events 15 reviews

Great ride with great Jazz--a Quartet of young Berkeley School of Music grads that are just so enjoyable. And if the weather is pure summer with a timely sunset it is just a great all around experience. Comfortable benches on the upper deck with a...continued

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Stan Duncan
Review from Stan Duncan
14 events 5 reviews

It was fine. The sunset in the harbor was beautiful.
I was surprised that there were no tables and no snacks (a bag of potato chips does not count). Both would have been easy and nice additions. For an event that starts at about dinner time, it...continued

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Stan Duncan
Review from Stan Duncan
14 events 5 reviews

It was pretty good.
I would have thought that an event that started at dinner time would serve at least something (bag of chips doesn't count). And I was surprised that there were no tables. The music was just average, but that's nobody's fault....continued

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Heidi Lawrence
Review from Heidi Lawrence
5 events 3 reviews

Fantastic night to sail, great music a truly beautiful trip. I took myself, but it would be a great night out with buddies or "that special someone"! Totally worth doing!

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Ron Van Dam
Review from Ron Van Dam
2 events 3 reviews

Loved the music and the Blue Motion Band. Crew was so friendly and efficient. Boat Captain was funny and entertaining. We had a really nice cheese board, cocktail, sat back and enjoyed the view and the music. Cruise was not too short, not too...continued

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Virginia Andry
Review from Virginia Andry
6 events 2 reviews

Beautiful night, gorgeous sunset, Fantastic young jazz musicians. Highly recommended

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Review from Kim
7 events 2 reviews

Fantastic time--great music, drinks and views!

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Nicole Ray
Review from Nicole Ray
5 events 2 reviews

Music was good, great experience.

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Patricia Landry
Review from Patricia Landry
6 events 1 review

A relaxed environment, good choice of alcohol, welcoming staff, and a super jazz quartet! Highly recommend the cheese platter.

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Sridhar Vajapeyam
Review from Sridhar Vajapeyam
1 event 1 review

Beautiful wood- panelled interior of the boat is great acoustics for the Jazz band. Very enjoyable cruise in the harbor with great views. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Judy Rosanno
Review from Judy Rosanno
1 event 1 review

I was super impressed with the Northern Lights ship. It has charm and the ride was amazingly smooth. Kudos to the captain for having us at just the right place for sunset views. The music was very nice, too, though I must admit that I spent most...continued

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Diane Maloney
Review from Diane Maloney
2 events 1 review

Music was average boat ride was very nice and clean.

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Madison Dinndorf
Review from Madison Dinndorf
3 events 1 review

My boyfriend and I had an AMAZING time on the Jazz Cruise. The quartet was phenomenal as were the views of the city. We had a perfect day. I'd suggest bringing along a sweater because it does get a little windy when you're out on the water, but...continued

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Yolanda Gibney
Review from Yolanda Gibney
3 events 1 review

Nice way to spend a Sunday evening . We enjoyed the band . We had about 15-20 people on board so it was almost like a private cruise. We perched wine and beer on board . At dinner at local pub . You could bring a picnic and eat on board too.

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Jon Eric
Review from Jon Eric
1 event 1 review

Phenomenal. Great group of jazz musicians and pleasant wait staff. Will definitely be recommending.

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Natasha Quiroz
Review from Natasha Quiroz
1 event 1 review

The band was amazing (though we sat right in front and couldnt hear when he spoke on the mic, we heard the music great.) The atmosphere was perfect. Unfortunately, we werent able to get the panini we decided on due to the boat being out of chicken...continued

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Leah Abrahamsen
Review from Leah Abrahamsen
1 event 1 review

The band was fantastic! The boat ride was good. The service was not great. They ran out of drink mixes and food quickly, even though there seemed to be a reasonable and expected number of people on board.

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Andrea Gamber
Review from Andrea Gamber
1 event 1 review

The music was perfect, the length of the cruise just right, the amount of space ample, the timing of the cruise as the sun went down lovely, drinks were $10 each or $20 for a bottle of champagne, and all in all we had a great time!

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Murray Wheeler Jr
Review from Murray Wheeler Jr
4 events 1 review

The music on the main deck was too loud to be near so we went to the upper deck, and it was only after a good half hour that I suspected that the music we were hearing was not the live jazz at all but from a playlist!!! Really! What would it...continued

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Dorothy Walsh
Review from Dorothy Walsh
6 events 1 review

There were four of us and we had a wonderful time. The music was super and the night with a beautiful sunset was perfect. We had to cancel previously and were so appreciative of being able to reschedule. Thank You

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