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Robert M Angilly
Review from Robert M Angilly
Red Velvet 271 events 152 reviews

Very interesting play about workers in a mill in Reading, PA during 2000 with other scenes set in 2008. Set mostly in a bar, it centers on mill workers caught up in the economic upheaval of those times. Very relevant to the economic troubles many...continued

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Review from Rob
Red Velvet 68 events 33 reviews

It was intense. Well done.

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Cheryl Weinstein
Review from Cheryl Weinstein
Red Velvet 4 events 2 reviews

The play was outstanding....just absolutely outstanding.

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Review from Esther
48 events 16 reviews

Very powerful & relevant play! Great acting by all and outstanding scenery/stage design.

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Review from JoyceK
28 events 10 reviews

Superb acting. Intelligent and insightful writing. Beautiful set design.
Best theatre we've seen in Boston ever!

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James D. White
Review from James D. White
27 events 8 reviews

Sweat is a unique play experience and delves into the nature of union employees in Reading, PA who's lives are chained to the availability of their union job for survival and what few options they have if things don't work out. It is dark, not a...continued

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Review from JO
16 events 7 reviews

A moving, beautifully written play that was well acted , brilliantly directed and finely produced. Presented multiple perspectives on the hope for and loss of the American dream. So timely!

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Cambrige Queen
Review from Cambrige Queen
6 events 3 reviews

The play had a good story line and a lot of potential. However, the transitions back and forth in time were a bit choppy, and the overuse of profanity was distracting. I would describe it as hard to watch. It took a little too long to get to...continued

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Cathy Baker
Review from Cathy Baker
12 events 2 reviews

Expected to like this but really truly enjoyed it, the acting, the setting, the story.

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Fred Leventhal
Review from Fred Leventhal
5 events 2 reviews

Powerful, poignant and relevant.

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Rosalyn Davidoff
Review from Rosalyn Davidoff
13 events 2 reviews

Terrific story
Great acting

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Donna M Campbell
Review from Donna M Campbell
6 events 1 review

Could not have been better! The writing was perfection,. The acting in a word, astonishing.I thought I was watching real people living their story in front of my eyes and the direction was spot on!
Also the set and clothing were great,...continued

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Review from Double
21 events 1 review

Engrossing and thought provoking - wish everyone would go see it

And Goldstar seats were fantastic at a great price!

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Review from gwg
12 events 1 review

Fantastic acting, thought provoking, amazing set design. Loved the opportunity to see a diverse cast and take a peak into a place and time that gets very little space in our media.
Thanks for bringing these kinds of works to us!

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Mari Carmen
Review from Mari Carmen
6 events 1 review

I had high expectations that were not met. The storyline is important and interesting, however I found it long, conversations that were too detailed and not emotionally engaging. I easily cry, get involved in emotions, and somehow this play dis...continued

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Marguerite Sullivan
Review from Marguerite Sullivan
3 events 1 review

It was an amazing production. Emotional and well acted, produced, etc.

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Denise Gaffney
Review from Denise Gaffney
3 events 1 review

Wonderful acting!

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