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Robert M Angilly
Review from Robert M Angilly
Red Velvet 271 events 152 reviews

Interesting and thought provoking take on a controversial issue. It avoids, for the most part, the political implications and focuses on the issues of love and intimacy with the two couples, and between the baker and one of the wives. Love can...continued

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Kate Philbin
Review from Kate Philbin
Red Velvet 95 events 24 reviews

Fantastic! Superb acting - especially Karen MacDonald as the baker. The story was fictional but the issue gained national importance with a Supreme Court controversy. The set was very creative and effective. Another winner at the Lyric!

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Thomas Cavanaugh
Review from Thomas Cavanaugh
30 events 26 reviews

This was our second time to the Lyric Stage Company and the second time we were delighted by the performance.

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Maureen Chipman
Review from Maureen Chipman
29 events 16 reviews

Both me and my husband loved this play All seats are great!!! The play was funny at times and acting was amazing. Will come back to lyric first time and impressed

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Review from Mark
17 events 15 reviews

It was just OK

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Review from Carol
21 events 7 reviews

The Cake was a delight! Had a lot to say, but was also very funny, and all the actors were fantastic.

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sheila ardery
Review from sheila ardery
27 events 5 reviews

I didn’t think I would like it that much! But it was a very human story that touched on so many issues in loving relationships. The cast delivered!

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Julia Ambridge
Review from Julia Ambridge
14 events 5 reviews

I really liked the play. Some very funny and very serious moments. Good script and very well acted. Couldn't see very well when the husband and wife were up in the bedroom. Also, I had a problem with a spotlight shining right into my eyes so I...continued

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Barbara Jayne Torrey
Review from Barbara Jayne Torrey
33 events 4 reviews

Well done on subject with great actors!

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Review from Ephraim
10 events 3 reviews

loved the play itself and excellent performances Chelsea Diehl was exceptional!

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Review from Codywon
6 events 2 reviews

Relevant to all weddings

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Review from ronton
41 events 2 reviews

Truly a remarkable play!!!! The actors are AMAZING!!!

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Susan Bunbury
Review from Susan Bunbury
1 event 1 review

Excellent!! Enjoyed the show, the characters, and well-written story. A play for our times!
Also enjoyed the venue--our first time at the Lyric and hope to return!

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Carol Devendorf
Review from Carol Devendorf
3 events 1 review

Fantastic cast-creative set-great direction

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Debra A Russo
Review from Debra A Russo
1 event 1 review


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Dana Amsbary
Review from Dana Amsbary
4 events 1 review

My first time at Lyric Stage. I will be back. It was a fabulous production and I loved every minute of it. The acting was superb and I couldn’t have been more happy. My seats were fabulous (4th row center) and I only bought my tickets the morning...continued

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Clementine Hess
Review from Clementine Hess
1 event 1 review

Very touching play mostly focusing on an older straight woman’s journey towards acceptance of her gay friend. I loved the acting and character development. The main character examines her own biases and integrates new information in an admirable...continued

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