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Robert M Angilly
Review from Robert M Angilly
Red Velvet 271 events 152 reviews

One more thing off my bucket list. I had never seen a performance of The Nutcracker live. This was very well done with much classic ballet mixed with tap-dancing, doo-wop, and other modern touches with a large ensemble of very talented dancers,...continued

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Dr. Reno
Review from Dr. Reno
Red Velvet 143 events 38 reviews

Lovely "take" on a traditional holiday story. Majority of cast/performers were very talented. Good show for the whole family.

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Jessica Walsh Canada
Review from Jessica Walsh Canada
Red Velvet 46 events 27 reviews

Great show. I have seen all the versions of the nutcracker. If you live dance you will enjoy this show. I went with a group of people they all enjoyed it as well. It’s a nice twist on the traditional nutcracker and a nice thing to do around the...continued

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Jason Kehrl
Review from Jason Kehrl
Red Velvet 45 events 11 reviews

It attempted to brake the trope but not quite there. There were nice touches such as sugar plum fairy dances inspired based on places across the globe and a tattooed sugar plum princess. But I had hoped for more urban inspired dance. Much of the...continued

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Review from Donna
Red Velvet 63 events 4 reviews

Terrible! Nothing "urban" about this. It sounds like the music was mixed with a tape recorder held up to a speaker. Unless you have kids in the show, don't waste your time. The second act was worse than the first, and I didn't believe it was...continued

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Roubbins-Jamal LaMothe
Review from Roubbins-Jamal LaMothe
45 events 42 reviews


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Roubbins-Jamal LaMothe
Review from Roubbins-Jamal LaMothe
45 events 42 reviews

This is my FAVORITE version of the Nutcracker and I loved it!!! Extremely enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review from RhomeyEM
163 events 42 reviews

This is the most wonderful Nutcracker performance available. The creativity of the different scenes is great. It's the best Nutcracker anywhere. Loved the hip hop, tap dancing, do op and the upbeat musical numbers intertwined with the original...continued

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Thomas Cavanaugh
Review from Thomas Cavanaugh
30 events 26 reviews

The show itself was a lot of fun although not quite as polished as I would have liked for a Boch Center performance, it felt more like a regional theater production. The theater seemed ill prepared to deal with the crowds, with a long line to get...continued

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Dawn Ahern-Hodgson
Review from Dawn Ahern-Hodgson
22 events 12 reviews

I have mixed feelings about this show. I loved the beginning with the doo-wop singers and dancing. Some of the performances were stellar- (the professional dancers). Other times I felt like I was at a dance recital, and I questioned why I was...continued

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Review from Leonardino
38 events 11 reviews

Very interesting interpretation of a holiday classic, with some nice twists on the plot and additional music by Duke Ellington. The quality of the dancers varied a lot, but overall the experience was enjoyable!

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Review from dunbarlink
16 events 10 reviews

Three of us went to see the Urban Nutcracker yesterday and we all loved it! My 11 year old daughter dances so we are trying to expose her to all types of dance performances. We have all seen the traditional Nutcracker and even though it is a...continued

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eileen cohen
Review from eileen cohen
23 events 9 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyable. A refreshing modern take on a traditional ballet.

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Review from osafer
27 events 8 reviews

Do you have kids in the show? Or grandchildren? Niece/nephew? If not, I'd suggest you choose another show.

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Review from Anne-onymous
20 events 7 reviews

Love the new sets and costumes. Urban Nutcracker just gets better and better. While I love the traditional Nutcracker, there is so much more interesting diversity of dance and inclusion of young dancers who excel at what they do but aren't...continued

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Steffi Wright
Review from Steffi Wright
48 events 6 reviews

High energy show. High quality dancing of mamy styles. Fast paced. Great for children 8 and older. Terrific seats.

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Voravut Ratanakommon
Review from Voravut Ratanakommon
92 events 6 reviews

I really wanted to like it but the show was quite sloppy & hurried. It seemed to also be stale & dated.

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David Berger
Review from David Berger
41 events 6 reviews

The dancing was of high caliber. The music,although mostly pre-recorded was delivered through a high quality speaker system. I loved the jazz arrangement of several Tchaikovsky pieces. The du-op intro., although enjoyable by itself, didn't seem to...continued

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Review from TMARCIAL
5 events 5 reviews

Great entertaining show, took my nieces!

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Elizabeth Owen
Review from Elizabeth Owen
17 events 5 reviews

I really enjoyed it. Lots of dancing. More ballet than I expected but there was enough variety in the music and the costumes to make it quite interesting. I'd recommend it. Seats were great and so was the theater!

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