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Dr. Reno
Review from Dr. Reno
Red Velvet 145 events 38 reviews

Took our 60+ parents to this show. We found it very moving, and really enjoyed learning more about this Colonial couple. Interesting beverage options (true to the time period, I guess).

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Review from Diana
58 events 21 reviews

This was a lovely experience. The actors are very talented, the room is beautiful, the hostesses are excellent and the refreshments are bountiful and delicious.

We had a late lunch (on Sunday) rather than go out for dinner at night because we...continued

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Carolyn Donovan
Review from Carolyn Donovan
13 events 9 reviews

So simple, so wonderful. Half the women in the audience were wiping away the tears by the end of it.

Lovely (not cheap) glass of champagne, an impressive array of cheeses and fruits and crackers. The room was really nice (out over the water, you...continued

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Review from Sharon
19 events 8 reviews

Great venue-program was very well done--will definitely go back for some of their other events.

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Louella Hoffman
Review from Louella Hoffman
18 events 8 reviews

The venue was wonderful, the narrator and actors were excellent. It was too long, however (audience was shifting in their seats). The selection of letters was early on and kind of boring; I think a wider timespan would have been more interesting.

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Barbara Moss
Review from Barbara Moss
18 events 6 reviews

This was a sweet experience
The drinks and little snacks were very nice.
The acting was good but the desks the actors were sitting at could have used a platform so that they could be seen

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Review from HJK
9 events 5 reviews

This was really, really good -- a real glimpse into life as it was lived, and a reminder that much of what concerns us today is nothing new. A good reminder, too, of how well-educated and articulate people could be back then!

Very well acted...continued

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Review from ashinosh
5 events 2 reviews

A wonderful night in a lovely settting! The actors were superbe and the whole experience was fascinating, complete with delicious hits d'oeuvres! Everyone who loves history should see this!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 2 reviews
Christie Getto Young
Review from Christie Getto Young
8 events 2 reviews

Highly recommend!

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Linda Wolfe
Review from Linda Wolfe
4 events 1 review

A lovely gentle evening reminding us of what really is important in life.....

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Marianne Conway
Review from Marianne Conway
1 event 1 review

I enjoyed the show! The problem was that the description provided indicated the show was only 1 hour. We allowed for extra time, but had dinner reservations and had to leave before the event was over. Very disappointing. Description provided:...continued

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Michele S
Review from Michele S
14 events 1 review

I loved it! The performance was great. The snacks and goodies before hand were perfect. I would definitely do this again.

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Judith Bartha
Review from Judith Bartha
1 event 1 review

It was a delightful evening. The performance was very well done and the atmosphere was perfect. All of the staff did a wonderful job.

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Iris Griffith Sobchak
Review from Iris Griffith Sobchak
59 events 1 review

This was a really delightful evening and really first class. It is small and intimate plus they serve you a plate of fruit, cheese and sweets along with a glass of wine or champagne. The actors playing John and Abigail were great and I left...continued

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Stacey Thompson
Review from Stacey Thompson
2 events 1 review

We loved it! Thank you!

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Review from fennarevolution1775@gmail.com
1 event 1 review

Wonderful performance. I hope that the success of it prompts further projects like this one.

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