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Lynn Lahti
Review from Lynn Lahti
4 events 2 reviews

He was so funny! I loved his show.

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Review from Margaret
4 events 2 reviews

He was very funny, we really enjoyed him! I just wish the venue had more people for him, not sure the Brea Improv did their job promoting him too well. Will definitely see what you have to offer in the future for the Improv's with reduced tickets!

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Review from Pam
14 events 2 reviews

I'm glad you sent me this opportunity to review Ian Bagg's show. I thought it was really terrible! Maybe he was having an "off" night, but he was not funny at all - he used the "f" word constantly, which would be fine if it were within the...continued

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Review from bmeadow
91 events 2 reviews

Ian Bagg is a hilarious crowd-work style comedian (he doesn't show up with a set list, but instead depends on interaction with the crowd). Flying without a net in comedy is very difficult, but Ian's quick mind makes it look easy. I was in tears...continued

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Morgan M
Review from Morgan M
9 events 2 reviews

Ian was great! Extremely funny and used the audience for some of the jokes. I brought my parents to the show and they also had a great time!

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Charlotte A.
Review from Charlotte A.
8 events 2 reviews

Very funny. Spontaneous. Creative. Too much cussing for family viewing.

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Review from Tsfelker
21 events 2 reviews

Very funny!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 2 reviews

We had a blast! We have seen many comedians at the Brea Improv and in my opinion, Ian was the funniest of all. I want to go see him again! His style is so entertaining and he had us continuously laughing! We liked how he seemed to enjoy his...continued

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Review from Jen
11 events 2 reviews

We had never seen Ian Bagg before. He created his jokes by interacting with the people in the audience. Unfortunately there was an obnoxious woman sitting close by me in the audience that kept yelling things out. Ian handled her well by using...continued

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Vi Hac
Review from Vi Hac
7 events 2 reviews

We totally enjoyed Ian - he was hilarious!! Our friends saw him before and told us he's super funny you guys have to go see him with us again. Glad we went though.

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Greg Boivin
Review from Greg Boivin
1 event 1 review
Raquel Brianne
Review from Raquel Brianne
2 events 1 review

Couldn't stop laughing. Had the best date night ever.

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Kim Lowary
Review from Kim Lowary
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joyce felse
Review from joyce felse
5 events 1 review

Great night, laughed the entire show.

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Robert Galvan
Review from Robert Galvan
8 events 1 review

Great time, service was great, venue very clean, and his ability to riff off of the audience was so entertaining!

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Carrie Weiner
Review from Carrie Weiner
2 events 1 review

He's brilliant!

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Review from Nicole
2 events 1 review

He's one of the best shows we have seen

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Claudia Zapien
Review from Claudia Zapien
23 events 1 review

I hadn’t laughed that hard in a very long time!! He was excellent!

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Kaylyn Ramirez
Review from Kaylyn Ramirez
10 events 1 review

Ian Bagg never dissapoints! He is so funny and every person that I have brought to one of his shows absolutely loves it $

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Aaron Stanwood
Review from Aaron Stanwood
6 events 1 review

Ian got up on stage and didn't take a damn thing seriously. He interacts a lot with the audience, often to their discomfort. He rattles off joke after joke and had me and my wife in stitches the whole time.

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