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L. Castro
Review from L. Castro
6 events 3 reviews

Amazing seats for a steal!!! Always have a great experience purchasing tickets from Goldstar!

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Review from mmwall
14 events 3 reviews

Excellent seats. Enjoyed the game - it moved along at a good pace. Before I knew it, it was the bottom of the 10th. Only thing that could have been better - the Yankees would have won!

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Rose Doyle
Review from Rose Doyle
8 events 3 reviews

Great seats!! I always check gold star first for the best deals.

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Gail Warren
Review from Gail Warren
13 events 3 reviews

Perfect night for baseball. Weather was great--Seat was perfect. Yankees hit 3 homers and won the game!

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Sam Williams
Review from Sam Williams
4 events 3 reviews

Perfect seats, weather, good turn out, good game... Thank you Goldstar!!!

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Cynthia Saunders-Perry
Review from Cynthia Saunders-Perry
11 events 3 reviews

Should have included two Frank's with the package, otherwise everything else was fine.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 3 reviews

The seats were as described.
The food was definitely not worth the price.
The seat was $65 the price of a regular seat. The food and seat was $77. For $12 I got the smallest of beer and a children's hot dog.
Had I know I would have purchased a...continued

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Asha Singh
Review from Asha Singh
23 events 3 reviews

The seats were the best and the free hotdog and beer was a plus plus.

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Woo Han
Review from Woo Han
2 events 2 reviews

Amazing seats. Quick and easy pick up. Overall amazing experience.

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Doreese Taylor
Review from Doreese Taylor
12 events 2 reviews

Awesome seats! Great Game! Worth every penny. Whole family had a great time!

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Doreese Taylor
Review from Doreese Taylor
12 events 2 reviews

Awesome seats! Goldstar never disappoints.

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Review from Allie
6 events 2 reviews

Excellent seats for the price paid!

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Wesley Tahsir
Review from Wesley Tahsir
6 events 2 reviews

Goldstar has the worst customer service for event ticket sales that I have ever dealt with. I am still waiting to hear back as to why time sensitive customer service requests are only by email and take 8 hours to respond.

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Beez Black
Review from Beez Black
51 events 2 reviews

Good game. Let’s go Yankees!!!

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Carolyn Middlebrooks
Review from Carolyn Middlebrooks
6 events 2 reviews

Great seats!!!

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Review from DJAJ
3 events 2 reviews

Great seats.Best rivalry in sports

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Madaline McKay
Review from Madaline McKay
10 events 2 reviews

It was a great nite for Baseball exciting to watch this team do what they do, even tho they lost the game. The meal deal was a great bonus and the T-shirt an extra added attraction. Goldstar definitely speaks my language FUN without the EXPENSE.

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Review from Eusunflower
16 events 2 reviews

Seats were perfect on a hot summer 95 degree day.

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Review from JRo817
7 events 2 reviews

Super fun and awesome time! Great seats!

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Fawn Hayes
Review from Fawn Hayes
5 events 2 reviews

The seats were amazing and the meal combo was a great discount. I will continue to look on Goldstar for my sporting events tickets.

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