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Review from Rich
9 events 6 reviews

Three couples attended and we were ushered in to our great front row seats by a most gracious, friendly and accomodating staff. We were advised of all we had to know, ordered drinks and off to the spectular buffect with a carving station of filet...continued

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Fran McAllister
Review from Fran McAllister
13 events 6 reviews

We had a great time. Food was fantastic, the amenities were first class.

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Walter Haupt
Review from Walter Haupt
18 events 6 reviews

We went here last Friday night when the Yankees played against the Toronto Blue Jay's. There was eight of us in the party – four of them were children between 10 and 13 years old.

The food was excellent. Unfortunately, the service was terrible....continued

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Review from len126
31 events 6 reviews

Went with my sons. The Audi club is a great. The food buffet choices were numerous and bar service worked out well. Wine prices were a little high. The only downside is the glass windows. While the view is great and the seating and climate are...continued

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Shameika Dawn Harrell
Review from Shameika Dawn Harrell
15 events 5 reviews

A great way to see a game, even if you only do it once! We had the best experience ever! The food and service was top notch!! I think I'm spoiled now....lol. A must do for fans and non fans alike.

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Celeste Jonas
Review from Celeste Jonas
11 events 5 reviews

As much as we enjoy the atmosphere and the food at the Audi club the services is horrible. People were clearing their own plates because it wasn't being taken care of and forget about getting anything to drink. We arrived at 7pm and asked for a...continued

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Walter W. Stumpf Jr.
Review from Walter W. Stumpf Jr.
13 events 5 reviews

EXCELLENT! Never sat here before, but there is no better deal than this. Fabulous view of the field from excellent seats, a buffet from gate opening to 2 hours after the first pitch, all you can eat, all you can drink soft drinks, gourmet food...continued

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Review from stacutie74
39 events 5 reviews

Had a great time being treated like a VIP. The service, the food, the view all spectacular. Great pictures!The audio of the game wasn't loud enough at the start of the game due to the people talking. After about 45mins,things quieted down a bit...continued

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Review from Renelle
10 events 5 reviews

I read most of the reviews before I purchases these tickets and most of what I read was all true. From the confusion as to where to pick up the "will call" tickets to missing the "real" feel of being at a game. Although the food was good and...continued

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Megan S.
Review from Megan S.
5 events 5 reviews

I was a bit disappointed with the goldstar tickets. We had the worst seats in the place, back row right by the bar. The food was ok. The selection included roast meats, fish, shrimp, sushi, breakfast foods and desserts. Some dessert selections ran...continued

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Review from jimgintron
12 events 5 reviews

Outrageous! This was definately an experience! The food was incredible. On the menu for July 4th were king crab legs, shrimp cocktail, lobster rolls, in addition to brunch items and salads, steak sandwiches etc. They stop serving food (except...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 5 reviews

Perfect way to view the game, air conditioned climate was perfect and the food was beyond what I expected. I will definetely do this again without question.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 5 reviews

So much fun. Great seats, great food - wish I was hungrier so I could have eat more! Would like to buy again!

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james peterson
Review from james peterson
21 events 5 reviews

The atmosphere was great,view of the field fantastic,and the food and service was awesome. This is a must do atleast once. Yes you are away from the crowd and their noise,but the crowd where we were at made enough noise, when the Yankee's scored....continued

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Walter W. Stumpf Jr.
Review from Walter W. Stumpf Jr.
13 events 5 reviews

The Audi Club purchased through Goldstar is about 60% of the normal cost. Besides your ticket into the Stadium, you get a ringside seat in one of 3 rows facing the field through a floor to ceiling glass wall-so you don't get rained on,...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 5 reviews

The Audi Club is amazing! Beautiful view of the field, climate controlled, and all you can eat buffett. I was in baseball heaven!

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Review from Barbara
9 events 5 reviews

The Audi Suites experience was awesome! It was soo much fun..... A great value. View was amazing and the food was excellent. Great selection and quality. I had a great time. Hope you guys can make this offer again would definitely buy more tickets!!!

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Laura Hensel
Review from Laura Hensel
6 events 5 reviews

The buffet was fantastic and the view was great too.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 5 reviews

The food was fantabulous! I could not believe the food would be so gourmet. We parked on the street and paid nothing for parking. We had to go through rigorous security to get into the stadium which was a little annoying but the lady who handled...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
11 events 5 reviews

This event was way more than i expected. The value of this package is awesome and the yankee organization has hit the audi suite experience, out of the ballpark. Recommend this event to all.

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