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Review from Shelly
Red Velvet 67 events 35 reviews

Beautiful flowers. Fun night. Great music and dancers.If you drive, there is a $20 parking fee. Nice to see the conservatory at night without the crowds.

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Review from Peter
Red Velvet 21 events 5 reviews

Ok but not great
Fewer orchids than last year
I was particularly annoyed about the cocktail
U should let people choose their choice of drink rather than the sugary cocktail u offered

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Review from A
94 events 50 reviews

The NYBG is continually improving this experience and like what they have done. Overall, it made for a great evening.

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Stephen Villano
Review from Stephen Villano
19 events 15 reviews

I found this show to be spectacular ...
The way the place is set up with all the flowers was simply amazing

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
24 events 15 reviews

It was beautiful will go next year as well. A delightful evening. Loved it.

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Review from leafster
24 events 11 reviews

we had a lovely orchid experience

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Anna Meister
Review from Anna Meister
31 events 9 reviews

I enjoyed a date night with my husband. Walking through the orchid exhibit was a romantic and fun Friday night date activity. Highly recommend to catch the show before it closes. Drinks are available for purchase in the conservatory. After the...continued

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Ms. Laura
Review from Ms. Laura
22 events 9 reviews

The music could have been a little more modern but the night was really nice

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Review from Marlene
11 events 8 reviews

Come earlier especially if you want to take pics with the flowers and setting!!!! The drinks are strong and great! I love orchids - well flowers in general - and you get to see these beautiful orchids of all different kind. It does get pack...continued

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Christy Ann MacPhedran
Review from Christy Ann MacPhedran
25 events 6 reviews

As usual the NYBG put on an amazing display

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 6 reviews

Beautiful flowers but way too crowded to really enjoy. The cocktail was just okay.

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Marjorie Vereen
Review from Marjorie Vereen
28 events 6 reviews

I didn't really enjoy myself. You could barely see the orchids because it was so dark. There were WAY too many people crammed into the space. They had part of the conservatory roped off so it wasn't a full circle, therefore, people were walking in...continued

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Review from Nancy
19 events 6 reviews

This event was beautifully displayed. I loved the middle eastern music. I took 143 photos of the artistic Orchid arrangements.

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Catherine Lou
Review from Catherine Lou
28 events 5 reviews


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Review from Guido
7 events 5 reviews

Interesting and special but to cold lol

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Jeannine Kelly
Review from Jeannine Kelly
7 events 5 reviews

It was the first time for both my husband and I. What an amazing night. Not even the cold rainy night could have ruin this experience. I hope to make it an annual event. Very romantic and pretty. The complimentary drink was perfect and delish. We...continued

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Jeannie Morezzi
Review from Jeannie Morezzi
11 events 5 reviews

It was very beautifu, smelled great and fragrant. Perfect date night. Went for dessert and coffee afterwards.

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H. J. S.
Review from H. J. S.
8 events 5 reviews

This event is for die hard flower fans, which I am not. Wanted to go outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I was expecting something totally different. I am not by any means a hard liquor drinker, their signature drink was made with...continued

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William Kaufman
Review from William Kaufman
10 events 4 reviews

Had a great time. The beauty of the orchids while casually walking around with a cocktail and DJ music is the background just made this spectacular event even more special. I definitely recommend it as a date night with your spouse!

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Patricia Gilman
Review from Patricia Gilman
9 events 4 reviews

I am absolutely totally disappointed at the evening at the Orchid Show. There were practically no orchids - most of the conservatory was not open to the public, the free drink line was so long it would have taken 1/2 hour just to get to the bar. ...continued

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