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Review from taj
Red Velvet 19 events 8 reviews

We had a great time at the zoo. The Congo Gorilla Forest was definitely a highlight, as was the monorail. We went on a day when it rained for most of the day, so it was not as crowded and some of the features were closed (e.g., camel ride). The...continued

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Jenn Tokash
Review from Jenn Tokash
Red Velvet 73 events 4 reviews

So many great exhibits and animals to see.

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Stella Ansalone
Review from Stella Ansalone
85 events 27 reviews

I was very excited to have gone to the Bronx Zoo this year espiecally because lots of babies were born this year. I was impressed with all the added education for children. It's always a great day at the Bronx zoo.

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Review from Rasheeda
43 events 24 reviews

It was an great exprience for the family. We took lots of great pictures and saw many animals. It is great that you are allowed to bring your own food into the zoo, but the price for food was a an ok price. Also make sure you wear comfortable...continued

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Review from Joyo
36 events 21 reviews

I had a wonderful day at the Bronx Zoo! I highly recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes so you can see all the exhibits with your Total Experience ticket. It's worth it!!

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Bob Evans
Review from Bob Evans
45 events 21 reviews

Wonderful animals but I wish the zoo posted the feeding times on their website so that it would be easier to plan the day.

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anna paraskevopoulos
Review from anna paraskevopoulos
26 events 14 reviews

A bunch of my friends and I went to the Zoo, since we all haven't been there since little kids... Its not exactly what we expected, but we had a good time, the weather was great so it made it so much better : )

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Cynthia Watson
Review from Cynthia Watson
24 events 14 reviews

We got the zoo later in the day and stayed until close. Many of the animals were not out and all we saw was grass. We did see the gorillas and they were great.

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Review from Terrijoy
40 events 12 reviews

Fantastic Zoo and a lot of fun. Thanks.

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Review from nene819
20 events 11 reviews

A lot of walking. Many of the attractions that required the total experience ticket had anyone walking into the exhibits without being checked which made paying more for those exhibits a waste. Many animals were not out due to the heat. The zoo...continued

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DP Fury
Review from DP Fury
21 events 11 reviews

FANTASTIC! It was definitely best to have the "Total Experience" tickets, as they allowed us into the special exhibits for free! The zoo itself is terrific, with the only negative experience coming at the box office at the Asia Gate (the closest...continued

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Review from Krystal
14 events 11 reviews

What can I say it was the zoo! I really enjoyed the congo exhibit and the monorail. I have to say though these tickets are a bargain! The zoo charges you extra for several exhibits if you don't get the all inclusive ticket. So thanks goldstar....continued

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Gwinevere V.
Review from Gwinevere V.
18 events 10 reviews

the "Total Experience" ticket used to be $20 (now it is $27), so the Goldstar discount put the ticket price back into a reasonable price range. Thanks!

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Review from Connie
14 events 10 reviews

This was an excellent price for the event. The zoo can be quite pricey but having this ticket was a huge cost savings and there was no confusion when I handed the attendant the Goldstar confirmation document. As others have stated it is...continued

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Marilena P
Review from Marilena P
15 events 10 reviews

Total Experience ticket is the best way to go to BX Zoo. BYO water and food to make it more fun, since everything is extremly expensive on the premises. We did and we did not have to spend any additional money. The bus BXM11 from Madison Av. to...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
18 events 8 reviews

Having the total experience tickets are well worth it since it allows you to enjoy a fuller experience at the Zoo. For example, the Wild Asia Monorail allows you to get right up to certain animals that you might not get to otherwise like the...continued

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Review from zstrong
14 events 8 reviews

It was a rainy day so they gave us return passes to the zoo as well as giving us tickets to the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit since there was a wedding taking place that day. We can not wait to go back!

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Review from candy
14 events 8 reviews

Mom-Mom and Pop took 5 grandkids to the zoo. We all had a wonderful time. The total experience tickets were what made it worth it for us coming from NJ. the staff were great, parking close, so it was a very good day. The kids loved the animals,...continued

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Review from Kat
66 events 8 reviews

This was a classic zoo experience with and adult twist. Spending the day among the amazing animals is a wonedrful and humbling expereince for an adult getting in touch with his/her humanity. The zoo offers a variety of animals and attractions that...continued

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Review from Jim
13 events 7 reviews

A beautiful day out learning about my fellow creatures. Lots of walking , but very enjoyable !

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