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Review from darylinny
20 events 7 reviews

Always a great time at the Bronx Zoo! We go every two years because the exhibits change.

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Joyce S.
Review from Joyce S.
32 events 7 reviews

Fabulous day! The discounted tix got us into all the special attractions w/o a hitch. And the food wasn't expensive at all. We bought two cups of coffee when we first arrived and got change back from two dollars. Not sure where everyone else...continued

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Anna Searle
Review from Anna Searle
14 events 7 reviews

It was an awesome price, my kids loved it. You even get a carousel ride included in the ticket price. Definitely worth it!!

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Rick Solo Havard
Review from Rick Solo Havard
24 events 7 reviews

Loved the tiger enrichment program!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
11 events 7 reviews

The zoo is always a good time, but keep in mind that the animals normally get put away around 5pm and are ready to EAT!! By the end of the day, there were no tigers, lions or bears to be seen. Bummer we wasted time in the line for the monorail -...continued

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justin lunin-pack
Review from justin lunin-pack
11 events 7 reviews

The zoo was so much fun. Highlights were the elephants, tigers, lion and giraffe. The entire bird house was pretty awesome too, as were the little monkeys in the monkey house.

Definatly need an ENTIRE day to cover all the exibits, we got...continued

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Review from ValN
11 events 7 reviews

We really enjoyed the zoo even though it was a rainy day. Because of the rain, not all the attractions were open so that was a drag but overall good would definitely do it again.

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Review from Alina54
13 events 7 reviews

What can I say, its a great big zoo, even though it was very hot that day, but with so many trees, it actually felt cool. They have a large variety of different animals, the petting/childrens zoo is fun.

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Review from marenfred
10 events 7 reviews

Wonderful day with 2 teen grand daughters

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G Turim
Review from G Turim
15 events 6 reviews

Be prepared for lots of walking and know that you can't see everything in depth in one day. That said, pick the areas you want to see most and focus on them leisurely. Some of our favorites were the monkeys, birds, the Mouse House, the sea lion...continued

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Ann Dadic
Review from Ann Dadic
19 events 6 reviews

I always love the Bronx Zoo, but to be able to pay half price for the total experience, in this economic environment, makes it even more enjoyable when you know you didn't have to spend as much.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 6 reviews

I lovvvvvvvvvvvved the zoo. It was packed that day but it didn't feel crowded. It was really hot and sunny. Bring water, it will cost you to get it from them. Bagged lunches!!!!!! They are a must, the cost of everything there is outrageous. One...continued

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Emily Marie Dominguez
Review from Emily Marie Dominguez
17 events 6 reviews

I never tire of visiting the Bronx Zoo. It's come a long way from when the animals were in concrete cages (I know I'm dating myself... lol).

It's not just about displaying these wonderful creatures but about showing us how they live, how many...continued

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Alison Poluga Young
Review from Alison Poluga Young
10 events 6 reviews

It rained the night before our visit so some of the exhibits like the Children's Zoo and the Monorail and a lot of the concession stands were closed. There were still plenty of exhibits to see but these were things I was looking forward to so I...continued

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Martin Platt
Review from Martin Platt
21 events 6 reviews

The Bronx Zoo is great - although it remains odd that in the 2.5 blocks between the subway (Tremont on the 2 & 5) there isn't really a coffee, or food product to be had. Anywhere else in the known world these blocks would have gentrified about 50...continued

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Review from Bethie
19 events 6 reviews

This was such a great way to connect up close to the animals. The Bronx Zoo has the prettiest, best kept animals, in the most natural settings of any zoo in the country!

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Review from CourtFWilliams
10 events 6 reviews

We were planning on going to the Bronx Zoo and I found the discounted tickets on Goldstar. There was just a tiny bit of confusion when I presented my confirmation from Goldstar, but it all worked out. The day was great even though it rained!

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Review from TaraMorgan
8 events 6 reviews

What a lovely zoo! I wish we had gone earlier in the day, as we simply didn't have time to see everything--it's a big place and really requires a full day to see everything, especially if there are crowds.

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Review from Gallu
21 events 6 reviews

Wonderful experience. Zoo people are friendly and it is very well signed so you cannot get lost.

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Review from lindalois
15 events 5 reviews

Nothing beats the Bronx Zoo for the thrill of seeing the animals, including the new babies. I highly recommend this Zoo- I attend many zoos around the country and this is one of the really good ones! Plus, not to be forgotten are the flowers and...continued

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