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Review from Maura
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I really enjoyed seeing all that this amazing artist had contributed to the world. I've been a fan for many years and saw him in concert in the 80's. What I wasn't crazy about was the necessary headphones which I actually didn't get, so I did...continued

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
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A bit crowded at times and a bit warm. But all in all a great exhibit.

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Russell Brown
Review from Russell Brown
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If you were/are a fan, worth seeing. Layout is a bit challenging as crowds can cause some bottlenecking and it requires backtracking to see everything. Headphones can be a bit uncomfortable after a while.

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Review from Glenn
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I was there almost 3 hours and they were closing so we had to leave , it was perfect except that the Merch items were basically sold out.. I wish they would extend the show

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Review from Marty
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Do not miss this show if you are a Bowie fan. It is an interactive experience.

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Review from BreezyNyGal
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First time I saw this exhibition it was @ the V&A in London 5 years ago and I was mesmerized by it . I feel more things were added in the meantime . It was also interesting that one of the main rooms of the exhibit was under the dome of the...continued

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Libby Farrow
Review from Libby Farrow
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It was great, but the lines to get into the exhibit were RIDICULOUS! Our time was 1:30 & we didn't get in until almost 3pm & there was no air conditioning while we were on line. Also, there were TOO MANY people in the exhibit. The exhibit should...continued

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Review from Chuckie
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Utterly delicious

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Emotional, wonderous, a truly fantastic ride that only David Bowie could have taken you on. It makes you realize what an impact he had on us.
The exhibit leaves nothing out. A must for his fans, music lovers, artist and book nerds.

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David Potter
Review from David Potter
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Amazing! Regardless of age, this event transcends expectations ! Go. Be inspired.

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Angela Stablein
Review from Angela Stablein
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Paula Harvey
Review from Paula Harvey
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Blow Away. Made me happy and sad at the same time.

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Corinne Kane
Review from Corinne Kane
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Even though the ticket says to pick up at Will Call, go directly to the exhibit as it’s timed and a doscent will scan a barcode or search by your name.

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Judith Desjardins
Review from Judith Desjardins
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Exhibition is nice and interesting, a bit static and not organized in themes or chronological. Really enjoyed anyway

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Cynthia McCann-Rich
Review from Cynthia McCann-Rich
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First of all, I have to say that I was able to get tickets to this event on Goldstar when the Brooklyn Museum site said it was sold out. My confirmation said to pick up the tickets at 'will call', but all I had to do was show my confirmation email...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a dazzling look at the professional career of David Bowie. It follows how he evolved from an artsy, daydreaming British schoolboy to a world-famous artist, who wrote his own music & lyrics and created multiple characters and concepts. It is...continued

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Meral Guneyman
Review from Meral Guneyman
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It was simply incredible. Tears...thank you for your excellent service!!!

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Vivian Jurich
Review from Vivian Jurich
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Outstanding show! Highly recommend to all. I was totally engrossed with the experience.

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Review from Luis
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Perfect! Great exposition

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Angela pollina
Review from Angela pollina
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The exhibit was wonderful. Unfortunately I paid more than I would have at the actual museum. Goldstar $43.00 for 2 tickets Brooklyn Museum $24.00 for 2 tickets?

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