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Brian Ponce
Review from Brian Ponce
Red Velvet 116 events 40 reviews

Janeane Garafolo and 4 other comics had us rolling on the floor all night. Heed other folks warnings (go for beer vs. watered down mixed drinks or terrible wine) and you'll be fine!

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Review from Liz
Red Velvet 86 events 13 reviews

this show was quite a bit of fun....a blast, as a matter of fact.

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Review from Liz
Red Velvet 86 events 13 reviews

This was quite a bit of fun. A number of very good comics took the stage with hilarious commentary on all manner of contemporary situations. Kudos especially to mike yard.

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Review from nene819
Red Velvet 20 events 11 reviews

Commedians were not very funny. Rape is not a topic to laugh and joke about. Parking was tough. Club was not very modern or clean.

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Banghee Chi
Review from Banghee Chi
Red Velvet 27 events 6 reviews

Room is pretty tight and oddly arranged in some areas. Comedians were pretty good, with the headliners being the best and then the curve drops pretty steeply. For the price, it's definitely worth doing once in a while!

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Review from theatrelover9
Red Velvet 16 events 6 reviews

The show was great, although I would have enjoyed more time with Janeane G. But the other comics including our MC were hilarious.

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Review from Truett
Red Velvet 8 events 1 review

Attended the 11:00 show and had a fantastic time. First time attended. Dan gave me a warm welcome; staff behind the bar were friendly and efficient. The whole place had a terrific buzz. The show itelf was genuinely entertaining and well run...continued

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Review from Nancy
Red Velvet 25 events 1 review

Very enjoyable--surprisingly good comics!

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Theresa Spurgiasz
Review from Theresa Spurgiasz
201 events 76 reviews

This is a comedy show where you listen to comedians tell jokes for 90 minutes& have 2 drinks.
I have been here before. Easy to get to.

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Review from Guest
239 events 69 reviews

Comedians were great although the place is a dump. The cheeseburger tasted like a salted hockey puck but the coffee was good. Why, oh why did a woman bring her NINE YEAR OLD daughter to a comedy club? That's insane and irresponsible. Shame on...continued

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Marianne Scott
Review from Marianne Scott
78 events 67 reviews

Would definitely recommend this! If you are looking for a evening out to just to have fun! Definitely stop by!

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
81 events 59 reviews

I've always wanted to go to the Eastville comedy club being that I pass by going to shows at the Kraine Theatre next door. Because of the warm weather this weekend the space wasn't as full as I thought it would be. The comedic line-up was good...continued

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
81 events 59 reviews

It was my first time at the new Brooklyn location. It was not difficult to get to. I’ve been to better shows at the old Manhattan location; the staff were attentive and polite; unfortunately that night’s host and comedian line-up were mediocre....continued

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Review from Lou
66 events 43 reviews

Was attracted to this event due to the headliner, Janeane Garofalo, but was very disappointed in her set. Cute with the pix of kittens but no out loud funny stuff. Social commentary and religious themes can be funny but her's wasn't. The...continued

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Review from aramat16
82 events 41 reviews

Great comics, good time overall!

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mike coughlin
Review from mike coughlin
64 events 38 reviews

have to thank goldstar...didn't know this stellar line-up was even happening. was nice to get in with a huge line waiting to buy full price.
even got Jim Gaffigan as a special guest!!!!

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Strawberry Girl
Review from Strawberry Girl
67 events 32 reviews

The comedians were fine - nothing spectacular, but not horrible either. It would have been fine for a "free" event.

However, the event is not "free". First, there is a $5/per ticket charge by goldstar, so to start off it's $10 for two...continued

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Natasa Rajicic
Review from Natasa Rajicic
40 events 26 reviews

always like to go there. never crowded. pleasant, even if they pick on you.

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Natasa Rajicic
Review from Natasa Rajicic
40 events 26 reviews

I can go once a week. But I like stand up comedy a LOT!
even sat in the first row to be picked on.

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Jeffrey Katz
Review from Jeffrey Katz
32 events 26 reviews

I was refused entry since I arrived at 9:17 pm instead of 9pm

I attended a previous show on Dec17 and the show didn't start until 9:30 so I was not in a rush.

The 20 something manager refused to give me his name or otherwise identify...continued

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