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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 687 events 556 reviews

I really appreciate the goldstar discount, but I was really hoping the maze lines would be a little more reasonable by going in late September. Another disappointment was the expensive parking ($20 for the night, while daytime parking is only...continued

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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 299 events 209 reviews

Always a good time. I missed the variety of shows this year. Seemed they blew their load on Elvira and it wasn't worth it. Zombie hunting was good addition!

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Rachael Andrews
Review from Rachael Andrews
Red Velvet 228 events 53 reviews

I really enjoyed the haunt this year. I think they've become much more creative with their mazes and I love the witch character that was introduced last year. The Trick or Treat maze was my favorite!

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Paul Michael Gauci
Review from Paul Michael Gauci
Red Velvet 116 events 42 reviews
Leila Paredes
Review from Leila Paredes
Red Velvet 129 events 35 reviews

Best Halloween Spooky Playground since forever. Best Mazes. They are definitely contributing to Soo much new theme park attractions Mazes. It is definitely a safer park to run around Scary during Nights Fun.

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Kyle Vermeulen
Review from Kyle Vermeulen
Red Velvet 109 events 18 reviews

Phenomenal time!!!! 8/10 mazes were awesome and the crowds weren't unbearable. The Zombie Ops was absolutely the star of the evening. Towards the end of the night they were starting to let too many people at once go through the mazes so a few...continued

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Nicole Nicole
Review from Nicole Nicole
Red Velvet 45 events 9 reviews

We enjoyed the scare zones and they even had some of the regular rides open. Good weather...good times! Lines can get a little long but we went on a weeknight and it wasn't that bad.

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Kelley J.
Review from Kelley J.
65 events 33 reviews

Overall, I definitely enjoyed myself at the park. It's a great way to usher in the Halloween spirit. I thought the monsters were scary, especially the ones that followed you for a short period of time. The lines do get long so I recommend...continued

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Review from MEGATRON
38 events 27 reviews

This event always gets better and better every year. My fiance and I have gone for the past 3 years and Knott's Scary Farm keeps on getting better and better every year. We went on a Friday and the park was not as full as we thought it would be....continued

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Review from JD
31 events 22 reviews

There were some fun mazes of various themes. Also got to go on several new-ish rides - such as hPony Express.

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Silly Me
Review from Silly Me
21 events 21 reviews

Hassle getting into PARK. Got searched twice, and then was
told we were in wrong line and box office took almost an hour to
get in with GOLDSTAR because they only had 1 person working the
will call window. Then we had to get thru security...continued

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Review from Bearbows
31 events 20 reviews


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Review from Bearbows
31 events 20 reviews


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Alison Diamond
Review from Alison Diamond
74 events 20 reviews
Gina Marie
Review from Gina Marie
20 events 17 reviews

Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm has changed over the years. They don't black out the entire park like they use to. The mazes are straight walk throughs with no speed breaks, which dulls the anticipation of getting scared. My suggestion: slow...continued

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Marco Garay
Review from Marco Garay
97 events 15 reviews

I thought the event went very well on Sunday. They let us into the park early and we had a opportunity to see 10 of the 13 mazes and all the shows. It was a great day to attend.

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DJ RealDealG
Review from DJ RealDealG
37 events 13 reviews

knotts scary farm is a must go! the gold star tickets are a golden ticket!

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DJ RealDealG
Review from DJ RealDealG
37 events 13 reviews

You can't go wrong with being scared of all kinds of scary faces all around you a lot of great rides and mazes and plus they have the new laser tag you go shoot zombies it's a very awesome place during Halloween and for the Goldstar price you...continued

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Review from lucypiggie
66 events 12 reviews

This was my first time to Knott's Scary Farm Haunt. I love being scared (as long as it's in a safe, controlled environment!)

There were 13 Haunt attractions, and I went to all of them except Pyromaniax (log ride) because it was cold and the...continued

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Review from Amber
23 events 11 reviews

It was fun but definitely over sold! We arrived a few minutes after 7pm and already the park was packed. We were able to squeeze in one ride and four mazes in the seven hours we were there, which was pretty disappointing considering there were...continued

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