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Theater Goer
Review from Theater Goer
Red Velvet 198 events 156 reviews

Great show with ok food. I found the service to be excellent, even though there was not enough servers, but in this day and age, there never is...

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Review from PK
Red Velvet 142 events 130 reviews

It was raining and we had to wait in line for several minutes, outside in the rain, to get to the window where we were assigned our table. The "captain's seating" is a joke since every single person there (and it was a Saturday night) got to be...continued

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micah cover
Review from micah cover
Red Velvet 444 events 96 reviews

This show ROCKS. I don't know how the @#$% they figured out how to fit SO MUCH in a decent-sized arena with an even smaller stage. There's a huge pirate ship, and around it there's a moat with boats, misenmasts with swinging ropes, and huge...continued

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Linda Gray Peterson
Review from Linda Gray Peterson
Red Velvet 139 events 65 reviews

I went, took a child, and he loved it. He's 5. I liked the dinner. Probably will not go again for a long time.

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Review from cliff
Red Velvet 273 events 61 reviews

I had attended a couple years back, and it was more "pirate like" It is now a song and dance with some circe elements thrown in. Very homogenized and trying to appeal to a wider, children's crowd. Just very confusing. Little kids and grandparents....continued

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Review from Darlene
Red Velvet 98 events 55 reviews

Enjoyed the show very entertaining. The actors are better than most actors appearing in dinner shows. On the other hand the food left much to be desired. The beef was like stew meat that was very dry and hard and the Chicken not much better but...continued

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Pati Cushman
Review from Pati Cushman
Red Velvet 67 events 24 reviews

My daughter and her boyfriend and grandchild and one of his friends went on Saturday...they really enjoyed themselves..and want to go again....the boys were really into the music and all the Pirate "stuff"....they had a great time....

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Lisa S
Review from Lisa S
Red Velvet 137 events 19 reviews

Show was entertaining - very family oriented. The chicken was tender and totally delicious.

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Guillermo Morales
Review from Guillermo Morales
Red Velvet 82 events 15 reviews


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John Sierra
Review from John Sierra
Red Velvet 35 events 10 reviews

The show was quite entertaining for the kids, but as for the food, it was not up to par. The food came out warm. The shrimp skewers tasted off and the chicken was dry. It was nice that the brownie was "A la mode", but would have been better if it...continued

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Review from Cheryl
Red Velvet 19 events 8 reviews

I took my grandchildren ages 5 7 and 10 We had a great time, I felt it was worth every penny. The food was Ok the service was great the show was very nice my girls were asked to be part of the show and they sure enjoyed it!

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moises giron
Review from moises giron
Red Velvet 32 events 6 reviews

entertainment was good, they made an effort to keep it up to date by working in songs popular on the radio.

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Vero C.
Review from Vero C.
Red Velvet 36 events 6 reviews

Pirate's Dinner Adventure is an excellent way to spend family time. The amazing atmosphere with plenty of audience interaction was a plus. My children want to go again.

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J. Robey
Review from J. Robey
Red Velvet 67 events 6 reviews

We took our 3 grandchildren to the show and we all really enjoyed. Dressed them up as pirates to really feel a part of the show. The food was pretty good, and they really enjoyed the dessert. The show itself was entertaining and the...continued

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Review from T.A.H.
Red Velvet 14 events 3 reviews

I took my 6 year old nephew he loved it.. fun times for all... great family event

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Review from hipsteraj
Red Velvet 13 events 1 review

I love coming to the pirates dinner and medieval time only if goldstar would post more of them that would be wonderful.

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Kimberly Goodar
Review from Kimberly Goodar
Red Velvet 9 events 1 review

My family and I had a great time. The kids loved the show even the teenagers. The show is very interactive my daughter got to participate in show at least 4 times. They even had the adults doing things throughout show.
I did have one problem...continued

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Kenn Schmidt
Review from Kenn Schmidt
116 events 88 reviews

We had a great time. Lots of fun. The only thing that bothered me was that we spent most of the time eating in the dark, so we couldn't see what we were eating. Maybe they should put more candles on the tables or something...

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Nadine Tull
Review from Nadine Tull
239 events 49 reviews

Fun Fun if you embrace the event for the cheesy entertainment it is! Well worth the goldstar price. For additional fun, stop by a teacher supply wearhouse somewhere and pick up pirate gear before the event! Our group of 20 donned plastic flags and...continued

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Nadine Tull
Review from Nadine Tull
239 events 49 reviews

super cheesy, but a great time all the same! you get from it what you put into it! yes, drinks are expensive, so if you're on a budget, get a shot or 2 of "groll" for $3--believe me, it does the trick. plus, 2 glasses of beer or wine are included...continued

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