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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 851 events 723 reviews

It was a pretty good show and I'm glad I got to see it. The food was tasty, the service was superb. Good to see a couple of my friends in this show.

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Linda Gray Peterson
Review from Linda Gray Peterson
Red Velvet 140 events 65 reviews

Rather bawdy but hilarious!
Food was very good.

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Phill Lowers
Review from Phill Lowers
Red Velvet 51 events 21 reviews

Have seen the show on Saturdays and this time was on Sunday. Both nights were great. Sunday was much easier & faster checking in and getting seated. I will see this show again probably many times.

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carmen paul
Review from carmen paul
208 events 163 reviews

All in all it was fine. I did not like the first part of the show very much. The last part was much better. It was funny and well done. The first part was a bit choppy. They had a bit of dancing, singing and incorporated a few performances of...continued

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Judy Eisenberg
Review from Judy Eisenberg
164 events 129 reviews

Very entertaining. Felt like I was on a cruise ship. The food was great and the performers were wonderful! Liked the way they interacted with the audience.

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Angie Caballero Serrano
Review from Angie Caballero Serrano
48 events 36 reviews

I liked that it is a small venue and not over crowded. The show was good, but not great. It is something I enjoyed one time, but I probably would not go again. The service and food was good and more than I could finish.

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Robert Tingley
Review from Robert Tingley
62 events 33 reviews

Don't believe the many negative reviews you see on yelp. This is a really fun night out and the food completely exceeded my expectations. Drink prices were as reasonable as you can find in the OC. Entertainment was mostly of the cabaret style...continued

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Sue Okazaki
Review from Sue Okazaki
65 events 30 reviews

my fourth time... this time for friend’s bday (she is visiting fr TX). Always entertaining and a load of fun!

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Review from QMCS
43 events 29 reviews

We enjoyed the evening. We noticed there was, supposedly, a dress code which didn't appear to be enforced. Two females were way out of dress code. One was wearing badly tattered (stylish?) jeans and would have been better seen in a poverty area...continued

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Irene S.
Review from Irene S.
50 events 28 reviews

Some of the language, gestures were vulgar. The food, service was ok.
They should have more tables and chairs for the appetizers. We had to stand for over 40 minutes and we were tired.

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Review from Harold
182 events 22 reviews

It is a good evening of entertainment and food.

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Review from lyzazoi
35 events 20 reviews

The angle of the seating in relation to the show can be a little hard on the back and neck, but overall it was a great show and the food was good. I don't like tiramisu though so I missed out on the dessert portion. Wish they had another option...continued

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Servidor D Nadie
Review from Servidor D Nadie
40 events 19 reviews

The wait time wasn’t too bad they let us in at 820 although the ticket said “doors open at 8pm”. This is one heck of a deal let me tell u open entry u get appetizers self serve. There is a bar to buy drinks if desired while you wait to be seated....continued

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Review from lee
61 events 17 reviews

Parking on a side street made parking easy. We had appetizers before entering the show. The food was great, chicken salad soup, cheesecake...all fantastic. The service was fast and efficient. The entertainers were wonderful, especially the...continued

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Diane Hamilton Cocks
Review from Diane Hamilton Cocks
33 events 16 reviews

The show is pretty fun! The food not so great. The salmon is advertised as butter caper sauce but there was no sauce and it was very dry. The soup and salad are the best part of the meal. The drinks are very reasonably priced. The show is very...continued

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Review from edouglasboynton
30 events 16 reviews

Unique and professional. This was only the fifth performance it will only get better.

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Rosalie De Vito
Review from Rosalie De Vito
27 events 14 reviews

Dinner was, surprisingly good! I really enjoyed the specialty acts: Ring dancer, rope and fabric dancer and quick change couple. The magician needs more professional experience. The madam of ceremonies was just annoyingly loud as were her...continued

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Review from Garik
131 events 13 reviews

Excellent show, good food, highly recommend!

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Review from Garik
131 events 13 reviews

Funny show and great experience.

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Irma Rosas
Review from Irma Rosas
22 events 12 reviews

Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to do it again. XOXO.

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