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Teresa Rios
Review from Teresa Rios
31 events 12 reviews


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Ed Sanchez
Review from Ed Sanchez
79 events 12 reviews

This was a very fun, the food was quite tasty and the entertainment was great. The theatre has a beautiful vintage 20’s-30’s decour and the girls at the show were hotties.
Overall a fun show that i recommend to friends and family

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Review from Beth
24 events 11 reviews

I liked it. Box office did not open as described, so we waited outside in line for to long.

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Eilat Vardi-Gonen
Review from Eilat Vardi-Gonen
27 events 11 reviews

Raunchy. That’s my one word to describe this show. There are some fun parts, some funny parts, some cool magic, but mostly raunchy in a crass way. Not unenjoyable all together.

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John Sierra
Review from John Sierra
35 events 10 reviews

It's a wonderful and hilarious show. This is a wonderful addition to the Pirates location and I love that it's targeted to adults.

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Review from luna1light
35 events 9 reviews

Definitely a value with some good magicians- I just couldn't get past the high expectations I had coming in. Was hoping for Vegas and got well Buena Park . . .

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Irene Diaz
Review from Irene Diaz
13 events 9 reviews

Even though it is a very small venue (due to the fact it's shared with Pirates) & it was a little chaotic because our seats were stolen (they have reserved seating and when they escorted us, our seats were taken) it was a very satisfying...continued

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Review from wopper127
16 events 9 reviews

The food was good. There drinks were week. The first act of the show was not very good. The second act was much better and we enjoyed that.

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Review from cpt3336
84 events 8 reviews

Good show unique, fun for everyone

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Review from Clover
27 events 8 reviews

Let's see Teatro has what I would like to describe as a pub atmosphere. Bawldy jokes, expensive booze, and mostly uninspired performers telling jokes, singing, doing tricks, and dancing a little. Perhaps it has even a somewhat 1920's lounge theme...continued

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Lucy Perkins
Review from Lucy Perkins
20 events 8 reviews

Super fun! The 5 course meal included generous portions and was delicious! The show was very funny and entertaining!

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Maria Stephany Fuimaono
Review from Maria Stephany Fuimaono
11 events 8 reviews

The show overall was good. It had its ups and downs. Was a range from Hula dancing, aerial acrobatics, to singing, to burlesque type performances. I thought there would be more aerial acrobatics personally. Towards the end was a bit different,...continued

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Susan Klarner
Review from Susan Klarner
40 events 7 reviews

The food was good. The singing and dancing was great. The magician was very talented, in fact he was on a Christmas special with other magicians. The jokes were adult but seemed rather "juvenile" in my opinion. I'm glad we went to this event, but...continued

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Mercedes Olivera
Review from Mercedes Olivera
54 events 7 reviews

Veny friendly environment. The servers and host were funny. Food was delicious. I bought separate tickets for my group of six and we we're able to sit together. No stress. I was able to buy one extra ticket via the box office with a AAA or...continued

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Sylvia Thompson
Review from Sylvia Thompson
24 events 7 reviews

We had a great time, the food was delish too.

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Morgan Dunn
Review from Morgan Dunn
48 events 6 reviews

Poor Quality food, poor quality drinks. Entertaining Variety show.

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Julie Rae Margi
Review from Julie Rae Margi
17 events 5 reviews

Had an excellent time at the show! Dinner, drinks, and entertainment were fantastic! Nice, fun, and intimate venue!

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Cynthia Obregon
Review from Cynthia Obregon
11 events 5 reviews

I was very disappointed with the entertainment the only one that was entertaining was the magician.Put it this way I didn't get my money's worth!!! food was ok and front desk sucked!!! had us waiting in line for a long time to get our ticket's...continued

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Cecilia Perez
Review from Cecilia Perez
18 events 5 reviews

the food was salty & not prepared right, the show was amateur and not burlesque style. the jokes were average, the drinks were expensive and this is not a burlesque or vaudeville type of show which I thought would be

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Elisa Avery
Review from Elisa Avery
8 events 5 reviews

The show is a combination of acrobatics, magic, dancing so it's kind a different but loved it. Great for anniversaries and birthdays...The food is great too.

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