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Review from Vera
13 events 5 reviews

What a wonderful, fun experience. The dinner was delicious. Highly recommended!

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Marisa Russo
Review from Marisa Russo
9 events 4 reviews

I took my cousin for her birthday and we loved every sec! It’s so fun and entraining. I’m going to let friends and family know. Thanks

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Maria Angeles Cabrera
Review from Maria Angeles Cabrera
5 events 3 reviews

Fun adult night out. I didn't care much for the house drinks they were way too sweet, stick to something you know or have beer. Drinks reasonably priced, food was okay not great but this was to be expected. The show was a lot of fun, very...continued

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Susan Papiri
Review from Susan Papiri
30 events 3 reviews

I'm sorry to say that this show was pretty amateurish. With the exception of Michael (forgot his last name), who did some variety acts, and the magician, who was better than average, I found this to be very a disappointing event. And while my beef...continued

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Robin Eifler
Review from Robin Eifler
21 events 3 reviews

It was great fun! The food was very good too. The drinks were a little pricey, but they were quite strong. I would recommend this for a birthday or other celebration.

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Review from Rosalyn
13 events 3 reviews

Not a bad deal for a dinner and show package. Valet was $7 and not as the disclaimer had mentioned the $6. The distance between the tables and chair height in the bar/waiting area as well as the dining room are too high, making it uncomfortable to...continued

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Valerie Gavin
Review from Valerie Gavin
5 events 3 reviews

Really fun and entertaining show! Audience participation was funny. The salmon was good - steak, not so much. ?

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Review from sher113
12 events 3 reviews

Steak dinner was EXCELLENT and show was fun and entertaining..enjoyed it a lot and have been telling friends about it too! :)

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Gene Greene
Review from Gene Greene
26 events 3 reviews

The servers and performers were very friendly and really worked hard to give us a good evening of entertainment.

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Candy Golding
Review from Candy Golding
5 events 3 reviews

Was a fun evening. Lots of laughs, good food, very entertaining. Will definitely go again and recommend to others.

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caron Pace
Review from caron Pace
3 events 3 reviews

We throughly enjoyed everything about Teatro Martini. The show was funny and smart. Service was good and prompt. Enjoyed the food. We would recommend this dinner theatre.

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Mike Collins
Review from Mike Collins
23 events 2 reviews

Best secret in town. This was a great surprise since I never heard of it and had not known anybody who went before. Entertainment and food was great. Laughed and smiled all night. Cheers!

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Elizabeth Eden
Review from Elizabeth Eden
5 events 2 reviews

Didn't make it to the show - there was no parking! We lost the entire $78 we paid for the tickets. Couldn't even exchange for a different date even though the venue didn't have enough parking.

Go 2 hours early to try to get parking.

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Jeph Willis Arts
Review from Jeph Willis Arts
36 events 2 reviews

Expected Corning but this boring slow start was seated 10 mins before show had to stand around food was horrible $5 for cold bread basket?

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Laura Puente
Review from Laura Puente
5 events 2 reviews

great entertainment. The only reason why I left one star out is because my chicken was very dry

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Gregg Ie
Review from Gregg Ie
2 events 2 reviews

Great show. Laughed often. Food was decent. I'd go again.

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Ana Soltesz
Review from Ana Soltesz
7 events 2 reviews

Great show and service!

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Review from Katon69
3 events 2 reviews

Great Staff, Great show, have seen it twice and would go again.

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Vero Bueno
Review from Vero Bueno
4 events 2 reviews

Had a great time. Took family members that were from out of town and had never been to see this show. They loved it and I was so happy that they enjoyed themselves. Dinner was tasty too!

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Yuliana Torres
Review from Yuliana Torres
9 events 2 reviews

I always tip, specially when there's good service. As soon as I got there they asked for gratuity, (aside from the ticket) this was forced to pay cash. To make things sad no one seated me with my party. At the end I was asked for gratuity again...continued

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