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Tommy McCarthy
Review from Tommy McCarthy
Red Velvet 79 events 43 reviews

We were kind of at a weird angle, but it was still a great night out!

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Mary Bodily
Review from Mary Bodily
40 events 23 reviews

It was a gift for my future daughter in law they had such a GREAT time they continue to thank me for the great experience.

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Review from Jewels
24 events 10 reviews

Very entertaining & funny. Acrobatics were amazing. Gypsy girl & pirate put on a great show. The appetizers were yummy too!

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Review from M.R.Duggan
24 events 8 reviews

First visit to Pirate Dinner Adventure. We had a good time, though the story seemed a little weak. Good drinks and bartenders, but, as one of my group commented about dessert, "these look like the brownies we ate at rehab."

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Alice Nicasio Castro
Review from Alice Nicasio Castro
8 events 6 reviews

The hors d'oeuvres were awesome, the entertainment non stop and dinner tasty! We had a great night and left the theater with horse voices from screaming and cheering so much. My older kids loved it and can't wait to go back.

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Review from Kimmi562
6 events 6 reviews

This was the second time we have been to the pirate show. It was ok. .. . but the food really needs help, Im a vegetarian so I ask for the special meal. It was some kind of pasta with veggies in it, a side of mash potatoes and carrots. To be...continued

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Review from Raystrib
15 events 5 reviews

The show was very entertaining with high caliber talent. The food was very good even though the desert was "eh". Great value for a quality evening out with kids through grand parents.

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Review from Denisse
5 events 4 reviews

grate show

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Tisha Jones-Strasner
Review from Tisha Jones-Strasner
8 events 4 reviews

The show was entertaining - corny at times, but very entertaining. I brought my nine year old daughter and her friend, and they had a blast. IMO, that's all that matters. The vampirate made it a point to great the girls and included them in the...continued

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Merrill Mielke
Review from Merrill Mielke
8 events 4 reviews

The show was energy-filled and fantastic. The food was pretty good. Servers and actors were all outstanding!

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Matt Chick Hearn
Review from Matt Chick Hearn
4 events 3 reviews

Great interactive experience. They encourage you to participate and be loud. The show was exciting and fun. The music played was on point and the food was good too!

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Review from Jen
5 events 3 reviews

Great price! Surprisingly fun and entertaining! All ages welcome.

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Terry Delgado
Review from Terry Delgado
7 events 3 reviews

Great show! Very interactive with the audience, definitely recommend. Great staff and service, also.

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Review from Morganne
15 events 3 reviews

We were given great seats, the food was good and the show was very entertaining.

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Cheryl Mohr
Review from Cheryl Mohr
12 events 2 reviews

Everyone was very kind to my wheelchair friend, from the moment we arrived until even after the show when we were waiting for our van. (the red pirate was walking by and stopped to ask if we were ok) At the end of the show the Yellow Pirate even...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

Good times. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Was geared towards a younger crowd. Our son is 18. Younger parents will enjoy this and so will their kids.

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Kenneth Keller
Review from Kenneth Keller
7 events 2 reviews

I took my 2 granddaughters, the smiles on there faces made it a great value for the money

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Bertha Soto
Review from Bertha Soto
5 events 2 reviews

It was entertaining and the food was good for the price

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Review from Christina
9 events 2 reviews

It was fun! My boys age 10 and 6 yrs enjoyed it and were part of the show!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

It was great. We always enjoy the show and it really is family oriented. We could not ask for a better family outing we had our 19 month old baby with us and he just sat and watched the show. It is a must see.

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