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Review from Alma
15 events 13 reviews

Flappers did a bait and switch for this show. It was advertised as Yakov Smirnov and I got my order confirmation from Goldstar saying as much but 30 minutes before the show I received another email from the venue saying my tickets were for...continued

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Hale Hunt
Review from Hale Hunt
90 events 13 reviews

Great fun!!

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Hale Hunt
Review from Hale Hunt
90 events 13 reviews

I didn't want to like Christopher Titus but he won me over. Dawn Brody was wonderful

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Hale Hunt
Review from Hale Hunt
90 events 13 reviews

Some good funny

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Review from Joan
31 events 13 reviews

The comedians were pretty good. The headliner was not as funny as we had hoped. But, good overall experience!

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Review from ndmac
50 events 12 reviews

A comedy show down that was great!

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Review from Maribel
21 events 12 reviews

Awful! Show was very cheap and there were about 15 people in the audience, which should've been our first clue of what was to come! :(

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Gina Leslie
Review from Gina Leslie
37 events 12 reviews

We got front row seats. Nice, but I had a sore neck by the end of the night from looking up all evening. The entertainment and drinks were good. Service was a bit slow and the BLT sliders with sweet potato fries were awful. Don't order them.

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Leo Cortez
Review from Leo Cortez
17 events 12 reviews

We went to the Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest and I must say the first couple of comedians were not that great however the last 4 comedians made up for the entire beginning.

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Rhonda M.
Review from Rhonda M.
53 events 11 reviews

Easy and free parking near by. The featured comic, Geoff Keith, was very funny, and amazingly without any comment on politics! Other acts were okay. Minimum order is 2 per person, which can be met with anything on the menu - food was good.

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Bobbi Stoll
Review from Bobbi Stoll
21 events 11 reviews

Packed house and uproarious laughter + XLNT food! Who cold ask for more?
The comedians were first rate. The setting was truly art deco, flapper era - a good find.

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Betsy Faber
Review from Betsy Faber
17 events 11 reviews

Really enjoyed the experience. I hadn't been to Flapper's before and we found it to be a more intimate friendly venue than other comedy clubs we'd been to. We enjoyed the emcee and the headliner but the middle act was not so funny. The food and...continued

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Review from Francene
26 events 11 reviews

The event started 1/2 hour late but they made up for it by treating the audience to a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. The 2 item minimum was great beacuse you could order food and not just drinks. We had the Baked Brie & Fruit platter. It was...continued

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Jessica Wilson
Review from Jessica Wilson
25 events 11 reviews

We had a great time at Flappers! The best part was that Goldstar offered escort seats, which landed us in front of the stage. The comedians were funny, coming from a variety of backgrounds, and different humor.
My boyfriend and I were called up...continued

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Monica Smith-Williamson
Review from Monica Smith-Williamson
13 events 10 reviews

it was blast!!! it was so much fun and lots of laugh!!!

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Review from azwethinkweiz26
39 events 10 reviews

Ok. Here we go. The parking was in a garage shared by other stores and theaters. It was very small and very difficult to find a spot that was not reserved for local stores. At Flappers, the gentleman at the front asked us for our names and it...continued

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Joe Harper
Review from Joe Harper
22 events 9 reviews

Andy Dick is certifiably insane. I had a great time on Sunday night. His unique brand of zany was fresh and unpredictable. I'll be back and I'll bring my friends.

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Review from Theater
13 events 9 reviews

Craig Shoemaker was hilarious. Dinner was so good, I had tilapia.

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Edward Troxel
Review from Edward Troxel
12 events 9 reviews

Great Date Night

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Review from Theater
13 events 9 reviews

Great show, excellent meatloaf.

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